Yahoo Phone Number 020 7131 1000
Yahoo Support 020 7131 1000

Yahoo UK has the following Yahoo UK Phone number available for Yahoo support.
Any question you may have about Yahoo Mail or Yahoo News, you can contact Yahoo at the following Yahoo Support Phone number.

Yahoo is one of the main and most important Search Engine and offers a Yahoo Support and Yahoo Customer Service UK for clients and users at Yahoo Haedquaters at:

Yahoo UK Limited
125 Shaftesbury Avenue
London EC2H 8AD
United Kingdom

You can contact Yahoo UK and reach the Yahoo Support Service at any moment.

Yahoo Phone Number

020 7131 1000

For Yahoo Support in UK, you can contact the following Yahoo UK Phone Number:

020 7131 1000

Any questions you may have about Search Engine, SEO, any other Yahoo Project, you can visit contact Yahoo directly or contact Yahoo Customer Service through the Yahoo Homepage in United Kingdom.

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35 Comments to “Yahoo”

  1. serban florin says:

    I’ve been having issues with my Yahoo email adress and I want to reset Yahoo mail it.

  2. alanticjc says:

    My name is alanticjc. Am having problem of logging in to my account after changing the password. Kindly help me out to retrieve back my password.
    I try calling yahoo but I was ask to go to help yahoo, kindly help me out .
    Contact me via this email for any question.

  3. kakooza simon says:

    my yahoo account was temporary blocked, kindly help me to unlock it.

  4. paulina says:

    you’re the worse customer care in the world, i’ve been having problems with chatting you and emailing you for the past HOUR!!!!! contact me please?!?!??!?

  5. sunita shah says:

    I cannot access this email account. Please could you help me to reset my password. i remember one security answer but i cant remember any others.

  6. Kerry says:

    plz help me I have tried for days now to access my account with no luck as my password is not being recognised and when I get to the security questions I don’t understand it as it’s 4 digit numbers am ment to answer to but the numbers have zero meaning to me and can’t continue with other questions all I have is my email address and username but finding it impossible to get any further hellllllllllllllp !!!!!!!!

  7. danielle says:

    I’ve bee n having trouble accessing my Yahoo account for weeks and I can’t access the other Yahoo email address you send to for help please just help me it’s important I have access to the account

  8. daniel says:

    hi pls contact me regrading the password i have tried the phone no last 2 weeks but no answer and i have leave voice mails lot
    pls do contact me through my yahoo account i can reach through my phone

  9. micki says:

    I have not had any mail on my ipad since 5 sept but Yahoo keep saying I have mail plus and Yahoo awnser phone message is very abrupt

  10. Margaret Bailey says:

    I have reset my password but been advise I cannot cahnge online but to contact Customer Services!, PLease help me regain access to my yahoo account

  11. juliet says:

    I cannot access my emails saying server password has changed, need to input new password please can you send it to me.

  12. Saranne sillah says:

    I can’t log in please help

  13. Holslag says:

    Can someone tell me what the email is of yahoo support???????? It is nowhere to be found and no Yahoo phone number etc. work. The standard Yahoo Customer Service, which does not apply service at all, does NOT answer my question.

  14. Alan burton says:

    Haven,t been able to access my email for two months! I forgot my password and you have locked my email! Please get this sorted out. I’ve phoned, tried to sort it out on web, and written to Yahoo! Help?

  15. Sami says:

    Please someone help me with logging in to my yahoo account. I really need access to my emails. I have emailed yahoo a request but no response. Is there a number I call??

  16. rajwinder kaur says:

    Hi anybody can help me to sign in yahoo.coz my account is locked and I change my number and I don’t have any alternative email .How can I change my password .

  17. Linda says:

    I can not access my account because I get a security message saying that it is not private and that someone may be trying to access information. This has been going on for five days now. I have reset my password but it has made no difference. Please can you advise?

  18. Sue says:

    Yahoo customer service is appalling, I have been trying to contact Yahoo on live chat but there are no options for that – I do no want to see adverts for anti wrinkle cream when I am surfing the web especially as I have numerous ad blocking add ons in place. Please stop it from happening. Yahoo customer service.

  19. George spires says:

    Please someone help i had a yahoo account last year aint used it for sometime i can remember my username but not the password it says it can send a text to my phone but i no longer have that number i dont have an alterntive email address and no security question option any one knows what i can do or have an email for customer care thank you

    • Jo says:

      I have the same problem as you, I’ve tried talking to a human but they are non existent IT IS SUCH A DESPARATE SITUATION. NO HELP AVAILABLE WHATSOEVER!!

  20. khalawy sayed hassane says:

    i have a problem with my password and i cant log on too my account pls if you can help.

  21. MMcd says:

    All of a sudden has stopped allowing me to print emails. I have cganged nothing. HELP someone please answer

  22. Harry Caaido says:

    I have lost all my folders from last 2 months can you please restore them please?

    Thank you.

  23. Mandy says:

    I have 2 previous accounts with yahoo that I would like to reactivate but am told to contact customer care. I cannot successfully call any of the numbers that I can find for yahoo! Please contact me to assist me in re-activating these accounts.

  24. helen says:

    I cant access my Yahoo account I have the wrong password also the incorrect security question help please

  25. Linda bale says:

    My account has been blocked it’s saying contact customer service as somebody has unlawfully tried to use my account ? I have tried to ring can’t get no reply so how am I supposed to resolve this ?

  26. Josh says:

    Yahoo customer service is shockingly bad, I can’t remember my password or memorable word and my back my email has been dis activated by Yahoo so cant do anything, your a massive company yet is impossible to speak to some for help and your help page is not helping

  27. Patricia Neill says:

    What must I do to contact Yahoo?- Yahoo is practically inaccessable.
    My account has been used to send e-mails to most names on my list of contacts despite changing my password several times. This is very embarrassing as I do not know the content of the e-mails. I feel that there is no other way other than to cancel Yahoo in order to avoid this.
    Help please.

  28. Mary de Vries says:

    At about 5 am this morning, my mobile went bonkers with messages.. there appeared to be about 100 Daemon failures for some reason. Then there was an email saying contact Yahoo to get a code etc.. I couldn’t do that till this afternoon due to work, but alarmingly that Yahoo message has vanished into thin air. I have been unable to connect to Yahoo on my mobile since 05.13 this keeps saying that “CANNOT GET MAIL the connection to the server failed“…BUT.. I can still access Yahoo from my laptop, and was instructed to change my password (strangely the header was from my son!! but the message was signed from Yahoo).. Have done all that, and switched my phone off and on again, but still no connection to server. Where do I go now please? I need to have the Yahoo coming through my mobile.

  29. Diane Dent says:

    Hi I have tried resetting my yahoo password but it doesn’t send the code to my mobile phone. Please advise as I need to look into mail.


  30. Muzhgan says:

    My yahoo account was temporary blocked, kindly help me to unlock it.plzzz I need my yahoo

  31. james says:

    I m trying to reactivate my account on my old email address I only deleted it last week I need to reactivate it because there are contacts associated with that email. Tried doing what it said on your help bit but it doesn’t work. Tried ringing but can’t get through to anyone that is HUMAN! Not happy about this. Would appreciate it if someone could get hold of me and help resolve this.

  32. Valerie says:

    Please help I can’t get into my emails it won’t accept my password

  33. traceywood says:

    Yahoo Support Contact Number UK +44 800-810-1044 is providing technical support for Yahoo mail User. It resolve all Yahoo problem likes Sign In problems, Recovery of forget password, restored deleted email etc. If you need any tech support for your Yahoo mail account you need to just call at Yahoo support number UK, we provide you best and instant help to Yahoo mail users.

  34. tola says:

    please help me have been trying to access my mail but not working

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