Western Union UK offers the following phone number for customer service, contact Western Union International Money Transfer..

Contact Western Union customer Care..

..Western Union UK phone number..

Western Union Customer Service for transactions:

0808 – 234 – 9168

Western Union Customer Support:

0800 – 833 – 833

Western Union is a international money transfer company allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet or in person from one of their Western Union Offices.
Western Union serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders.

Any question yoy may have to Western Union, you can contact the Western Union Customer Service and Western Union Customer Support, to get answers to any question. The Customer Service will be pleased to help you with Western Union Payments, Western Union receive money, Western Union Send money, Western Union transfer… and Western Union UK Locations

Any other concern you may have, or to get more information about Western Union, you can visit WU Homepage. You will also find information about Western Union fees, Western Union Login or about your financial online Western Union Account.

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7 Comments to “WESTERN UNION”

  1. Sophie Mawoneke says:

    I have been trying to log onto western union on my phone and it keeps taking me to united states page. Can we no longer log into our Western Union App using mobile phone?

  2. Ignatius Gwanmesia says:

    I personally sent 113,012 frs to my junior brother on the 23rd of Dec 2014 which has remained uncollected because he moved. Today 23rd of January 2015 makes it a month since I’ve been sending over 10 emails to Western Union to change recipient and all have been ignored?????? What does it take to provide customer experience?

  3. Robert ward says:

    Can somebody let me know where I return the customer access request form to in UK many thanks Rob

  4. witold says:

    where can I get a copy of transfer.Please help

  5. Nìrinder says:

    I have send money on 06 nov 15 to delhi. 84 year old receiver has been to different agent locations in delhi and refused money. She has been told that they have a major software problem. So i rang customer services uk but up till today nothing has been done.the receiver has also called customer services in india but complete waste if time. Can the higher bosses at western union do anyhting to sort the problem. The service i received is very poor. Has anybody else face this problem please help.

  6. Naz says:

    I have send money and now nobody help me i’ve tried to call 10 different number

  7. Mhamad feroz Sheikh says:

    Will sending money i miss my one digt from my account number what shall i do know wil my money go in my account or shall i get it back how

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