TomTom UK offers the following phone number for customer service, contact TomTom International..

Contact TomTom customer Care..

TomTom customer phone number

TomTom uk customer service telephone number:

0845 045 0353

Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

You can contact the above listed TomTom Customer Service to get information about the New TomTom Maps and to get information about where to download TomTom Maps?!

TomTom UK also offers the following TomTom Customer Service Phone Number, to contact TomTom Customer Service at all time.

0845 161 0039

For more information you can visit the TomTom Website and find there more information about the TomTom Shop and the TomTom Online Support.

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20 Comments to “TOMTOM”

  1. alison winter says:

    service – cant find/read serial number on newly purchased tomtom therefore cant update -device a year out of date! customer service closes at 5.30…

  2. David hales says:

    Hi I have a TomTom s25 I got from ideal world it came with live traffic alerts device I plug into cig lighter and tomtom problem is want show on screen just keeps looking for gps then say not connected then connected can you help as got cought in traffic all last week as this was not working I know they cost over £50 but is this ong faulty as should get signal on a 100 mile journey thanks my phone number is

  3. adam says:

    ive have a tom tom truck 5150 its just over a year old how do i get the live feed back on it so iknow if their is a hold up on the route i have planned ??

  4. Trevor Griffin says:

    I have a TomTom Go which is only 10 months old and its not updating can you advise please?

  5. kev oakley says:

    I have a tomtom one. Not used it for a few years. But i needed it a couple of weeks ago so i went to update it on my laptop and its saying i need something like 500gb to install update. Is it rime for the bin?? Or can u help? Please…

  6. Arden says:

    Both these numbers very helpful!! How else does one make contact with TomTom

  7. peter doughty says:

    there is total absence of any email address and no mean of obtaining one for help I contacted you on the 23 dec 2014 I received a email from TOMTOM ref 141224-001697 it is now 8-2-2015 still waiting as TOMTOM has not contacted me your satnav is going into the trash bin if someone dose read please pass this on to your company chairman
    peter doughty

  8. Thomas Caluori says:

    Neither TomTom customer service number works. The website does not allow me to download updated maps. I get a “something has gone wrong” notice “please try again later” I try later but to no effect.

  9. Alan Puw says:

    I have a start25 sat nav. Could you please let me know what happens to the speed camera alert when i am in France. I understand that it is illegal to have them working there
    Thank you
    Alan Puw

  10. Steve says:

    Just purchased Eu map & now it asked for downloading zones sorry but I purchased Eu not just part of it when Im driving across Europe I don’t have the luxury to connect to a pc & reconfigure a EU map zone also it now asks to purchase an extra map else the 1st does not work that’s 147 pounds in total Will be asking for a refund funny none of your support phone numbers or contact us work !

  11. geoff c says:

    Very Hard to contact TomTom with really stupid processes and rules around multiple systems. Buy something else!!!

  12. ann kilty says:

    My partner cannot access his account to download update. It comes up with his details are incorrect. He’s in installed and reinstalled 3 times to my knowledge and an error number 400. He needs his sat navigation for work so how can he access. Please advise asap.

    • Joyce smith says:

      I have a tomtomxlL2 l don’t use it very often went o use it won’t even light up when connected to the cigarette lighter in the car with engine turned on. Can you help? Thankyou.

  13. Gustavo Baranco says:

    Dear all,

    I moved from Spain to UK and I purchased a new tomtom STAR 25 WE SC. The matter is that I had an old tomtom account in Spain and I am not able to change the country in my personal details. Could you please help me with this?. Many thanks in advance. Kind Regards.

    Gustavo Baranco

  14. Colin Hutchins says:

    Based upon my experience with dealing or rather trying to deal with TomTom I am giving up.

    I do not think they regard ‘Customer Service’ as being important.

    The end result for me is that I have cancelled an order for 25 units which were going to be used by my sales/support reps. If i gave the type of service that TomTom give I would be out of business within weeks.

  15. Anthony says:

    I have a TomTom Model 4EN52 Z1230
    I successfully downloaded Map updates.
    After this I purchased the camera updates but have not been able to download to my TomTom. If I cannot get instruction on how to do this I will have to contact Visa for a refund.

  16. Steve Byatt says:

    Can u give me your number as my services have run out

  17. b rodgerson says:

    is any one satisfied with tom tom service it does not look like it.have spent an hour trying to contact them . have given up .

  18. Samuel Mashingaidze says:

    I have just bought a new tomtom gps runner watch and when I connected it to my pc there was no response, so I went on the start up guide and printed all the functions that I want to use.Unfortunately the phone does not have the tracker menu on settings.

    I am disappointed and stuck.

    Please help

  19. rosemarie fortune says:

    how can i use my tom tom in france
    with the law

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