Subway UK Customer Service 0800 0855058
Subway Ireland Customer Service 1-800-413-076

Subway UK offers the here listed Subway UK Phone Number, to be able to contact Subway UK Customer Service, for example to be able to comunicate any complaints you may have regarding Subway UK.

Also you can contact Subway UK Customer Service at the following Subway Phone Number, to get information about the latest Subway UK Offers or the Subway UK prices.

At Subway Customer Service, which you can reach at the Subway Phone Number listed below, you can get information about the nearest Subway Restaurants and about the Subway Opening Times of each Subway Restaurant.

Subway UK Contact Phone Number

0800 0855058

For any more information you may need to know about Subway, you can visit the Subway UK Website and find information about Subway UK Jobs and a Subway UK Career.

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26 Comments to “Subway”

  1. Bethy says:

    I went to the Maesteg Subway store today at around 4pm on 25/06/2014 and ordered nachos. When I was eating them I noticed one mouthful tasted strange, as I got further down I found there was lumps of meatballs in my food. I felt outraged as I am a vegetarian and have been so for over 9-10 years and feel very strongly against eating meat. I expect a satisfactory outcome from this Subway complaint and will be taking this matter further.

  2. Amber says:

    Several times I have gone to purchase foot long meatball subs at my local store to be told they only have one batch a day and by late afternoon they have none or barely enough. If this continues I shall not be using subway anymore as this is the only filling my husband likes from subway and there are several other shops in the town who offer subs or baguettes who would be happy to take our custom.

  3. kathy says:

    I usually like subway but today changed my mind.
    I visited you’re Basingstoke store. I was served by a trainee and I know everyone has to train but I ordered a salad bowl. The contents of this only just covered the bottom of the bowl!!!! I had to go out and buy a further lunch. I normally go to newbury subway and i would say their salad bowls contain 3 times more!!!! Yet i asked for chipottle sauce and it was absolutely swimming in it!!!! Horrible ! The coffee was like water barely any coffee in it. It was like warm water and undrinkable but this is the worst bit!
    The music was totally obscene. I had a 3 year old child, my son with me and the rap music was talking about (not shown) and (not shown) ! !!!!! Do you honestly think this is acceptable for a family restaurant ?????? I was cringing fir the afro Caribbean family that were sat close by!!!!! My son was sat in the car and actually repeated the vile language he had heard!!! Never again will I visit a subway restaurant absolutely disgusted you should be ashamed. Another customer actually went to the counter and commented. He was told that they had no control of the music. This is a totally unacceptable excuse!

  4. shay green says:

    I visited the metrocentre gateshead subway shop near the bus station today. I was served by david callaghan. When I asked for a beef sub I was told there was none. Even though I could clearly see there was beef there. I chose another sub instead. David who I was served by was very rude. Never smiled once. The customer service was diabolical and the sub I recieved was barely satisfactory as there was hardly any meat in it. David was extremely glum to me and my partner and frankly I got the vibe he was being rude because me and my partner are lesbians. He was giving us funny “bad” looks. I was very unhappy with the service I recieved and so was my partner and frankly this has made me consider wether I will be returning to subway in the future. I want this matter dealt with and I want a satisfactory outcome. I would like to be contacted about this matter before I right a review on other websites.

  5. nayz says:

    Hi I was working in Balham area in London there is a subway next to the under ground station I went to buy a sandwich and there is a few Indian or Pakistan people work there so I order beacon and the chap look at me and asked if I eat pork as I am same colour with him I said yes and he gave me a look like I commit a crime any next day I went there again as I don’t have much choice around so this time he was serving and he is touch mostly everywhere including his till and money basically everywhere when it’s come to my turn I request him if he can Change his gloves as hygine he told me if am eating pork so why am I complaining about changing glove .so my question to subway is so people who eat pork are we consider as not part of this world or we don’t have a right to treat hygienic this

  6. tristan says:

    I went into your branch in cheetham hill in Manchester around 6.15, where I was served by an extremely rude girl with no name badge on, she had braces, i asked for a 6″ Italian with chicken and cheese, she made it and put it in the oven, i thought the chicken was a funny colour and asked if it was normal chicken or Tikka, she replied tikka, i told he I didn’t ask for it and she said sorry it’s already in the oven, and said I asked for tikka, is that your policy to argue with customers and to refuse to give them what they ordered, not impressed, we walked out in the end and won’t be going into that branch again

  7. Lauren says:

    I haven’t been to subway for a few years and fancied it so I went in and ordered my vegetarian meal like I always used to and before me was men ordering beef, chicken etc and I am vegetarian and when it came to my turn the woman didn’t even ask me if I wants the gloves changing and as I mentioned it to her she said oh I’ve done it now, just eat it. I was very angry and didn’t expect that ! Absolutely rude! And they wouldn’t even give me a refund!!!!

  8. Zoeie says:

    I was in subway in Oswestry, Shropshire on Sunday 21st September 2014. When I was outraged but the foul language that was being used by members of staff, and this was just the start of what turned out to be the worst trip to Subway I have ever experienced. There was 3 members of staff working, and I won’t use their names, it was two men and a woman. It was clear to see from the counter that the back of the shop was disgusting, with boxes, wrapping and food across the floor. Also it was clear to see that just behind the counter, was yet more mess made up off food, sauce, bags, napkins and what I could only make out to be a knife. Yes I’ll give them the dues they where busy (with around 10-12 people queuing waiting to be served). But there was no need for the tables to have rubbish, food and drinks across them, as well as the bins being overflown, and a leak on the drinks machine. The staff that were serving where extremely rude to myself and children, as if they needed to get off somewhere else and not looking like that want to be there, giving my son dirty looks as he made up him mind on what to have. The what seemed to be ‘young’ boy in the back, who was tidying the mess that was everywhere, was they only person who smiled and said hello, before coming to help with our salad on the sandwiches. When it came to paying the woman on the till was nice and pleasant to myself and son, saying please and thank you, as well as the other ‘young’ boy. All-in-all this had been the worst trip I have taken to Subway for our lunch, and I had to travel 15 minutes to get there. Before I return I would hope that these problems where resolved, and the staff become more welcoming and pleasant. With no mess to been seen from the counter.

  9. Aaron says:

    Went to a subway in Kingston upon Hull today ordered 3 sandwiches the manager made them so complaining to the store is no good can someone please contact me with regards to this the three sandwiches were cold despite all there being toasted i am allergic to tomatoes and there was tomato juice on two of the sandwiches from an un cleaned prep area surface as I have a contact allergy to is i was ill very fast the cheese on all the sandwiches wasn’t melted so something is wrong with the oven in that store they were put in i was sent home from work due to this reaction the stop was not in the best condition but on a Sunday theres not much open were I was working i spent 15 pounds on three sandwiches and drinks the were appalling and the other was just passable this is not acceptable and now I am out of pocket a days work your store complains go back to the store so whats the point in that if your complaint is with the manager of the store they have CCTV take a look as he had frozen mean in there serving trey yes frozen he has onion skin on the onion still and some lettuce was going black all these things are not acceptable i think someone from subway need to contact me with regards to the shop its quality of staff and definite dangerous food service procedure i use subway a lot at times everyday but most week 8 times as normally get breakfast on way to work i don’t normally use this store but as I am working near by it is my only option for the next two months.

  10. Clair Davidson says:

    i was just in the new subway in Aberdeen. The Clifton road one. half an hour before closing time with one other customer in front of me being served. I was asked how many subs i wanted! I said 3 and was told he’s not making them because hes not well enough. He said I shouldn’t even be here. I think it’s a disgrace and severely made me angry! Why would you turn away good loyal customers. I will never go back there again. So disappointing.

  11. sherena meah says:

    I went to the subway in an service station, in gravesend. I love going to subway but this is my second time I get I was bad quality of food at the service station…First the customer service was terrible he weren’t paying attention what he was doing. The sandwich fell apart.. They gave me an hot drink lid for my coke while I got in my car the lid fell off and my drink went every where. It wasnt sabble at all. I think they shouldnt have told me that the lid will be fine when clearly it wasnt.
    The tandoori chicken

  12. Un satisfied customer says:

    Last Friday, myself and my partner went to subway for lunch whilst doing some shopping at merry hill shopping centre uk. As we walked toward the counter the assistant “Caz” immediately asked what she could get us. We explained that we needed a moment to look at the menu first. She huffed and puffed as if we was taking up too much of her time. Her attitude was very poor and facial expressions very un welcoming. my partner asked for flat bread but changed his mind when he saw the bread. He asked for another… This should not have been a problem as the bread had not been toasted. The Subway employee again huffed and puffed and pulled a face as if to say that it was all too much trouble. Then, “Caz” realised that her colleagues (2 young men) had not turned on the oven so the bread that was in there was still dough. She was very rude to them, spoke to them as if they were stupid. This is so un professional and made me feel most un comfortable. I feel that someone should speak to “Caz” and maybe explain that people skills and communication are a huge part of her job. Also, her behaviour towards fellow colleagues was completely un called for. Everyone has to learn. Myself and my partner can safely say that we will not be purchasing anything from subway merry hill whilst “Caz” is on duty again. Dissapointed Subway customers.

  13. Wayne says:

    I just went to the subway store on market street leicester, I ordered a ham and rasher BBQ sub which I Pointed out from the £3 menu and went I got to the till ordered a coffe to go with it. The women on the till then charged me £5.08. When I questioned it, she said that it wasn’t on the £3 meal deal. Yet it is there on the menu. If I had known that it was to be This price I wouldn’t have ordered it. This is false advertising and I would be very interested to hear From you to explain. If it is on the £3 menu then I should not be paying over £5!

  14. Darren says:

    On the 29/11/14 I went into the seacroft subway branch at 2pm for a sandwich I was stood in the line and one of young girls serving saw me and started to laugh because I am overweight she called for another member of staff to come out of the back to see the overweight person (me) and then they both started to laugh I find this very unprofessional and intolerable I will step foot in a subway again

  15. Abby says:

    I visited your store in portishead, bristol today and for the second time there was a long hair in my food which the guy serving apologised for and made a fresh sub, however this same thing happened just 6 weeks ago at the same branch I bit into my sandwich to find a hair tangled in the tuna.
    This is absolutely disgusting and very, very unhygienic and I would strongly recommend either changing your supplier or advising your staff to wear hair nets, as once was bad enough but twice is not acceptable, please let me know what measures will now be taken to stop this same thing occurring in the future. I have been a regular at subway for around 4 years and this has now put me off for life!!

  16. sean says:

    I went to the bedworth store this morning to get my regular mega breakfast sub and then was told there was no sausage but that they could offer me an extra egg instead so I decided to walk out.this is not the first time this has happened to me at this store and won’t be going back until it is sorted as I enjoy my breakfast sub from subway

  17. Reece Marshall says:

    I went to Milton Road Subway for lunch and the prices were an issue. I was told mixed prices and when we agreed on a 6″ for £3 I was over charged. In addition, there was hardly any of my specified topping and they were being stingy on the salad in which I paid extra for. The sub was not enjoyable and didn’t satisfy me. In the past at Beehive centre subway I am charged the noted prices and the food is brilliant. I had to change my option many a time and it still wasn’t acceptable . Please write back to me, Reece

  18. Elle says:

    I’m normally a really big subway fan and I travelled 15 minutes for one today as I really fancied one!! Althought I doubt I’ll be visiting again. I went to fram, durham subway around 2.10pm. Not one person was in the restaurant and the service was absolutely rubbish very robot, not one smile, no conversation. The meat tasted like soap, hardley any salad and sauce!! I didn’t get asked if I wanted a drink… Which I did, he already put my transaction through so I had to go to the local shop to buy a drink!!! I asked twice if he could put my points on a receipt as I got double points today didn’t give me it kept on pressing buttons then walking away, didn’t give me a reason why just walked away from me!! paid £7.20 and was rubbish!!! I’m normally a regular but after this I think I would prefer not to come back to subway unless my complaint is dealt with.

  19. michelle says:

    Visited the subway in chelmsley wood never again the staff were rude and UN helpful and an actual disgrace to the company

  20. James says:

    Is it normal practice for subway to not allow you to sit in and to clean the coffee machine a full hour before closing? I went first time and accepted it but today I wanted a coffee with sub in Airdrie branch but refused as machine being cleaned and there closing in an hour. We walked out this time – poor service

  21. Sudeep Singh Bilkhu says:

    Coventry arena shopping park, they don’t allow shopping trolleys, why not? 2) most days by 21:15 no cappuccino available. .They say machine has been cleaned!.. Shop closes 11pm!..

  22. Dan says:

    Visited the middlewich store today. Will be the last time I ever do. Absolutely appalling service to start with as the staff were more interested in talking to their friends than serving customers. Store was dirty and when I finally did get served the bread was rock hard and the dressings and fillings were disgusting. Next time I’ll call into my local and buy the ingredients myself when I fancy a sandwich.

  23. Harley Buckner says:

    i just had Subways new dog shit sandwich and I only paid £7.25, I think the call it a steak and cheese sub but I know dog shit when I see it.

    PS. just found out (maybe a bit late) subway, an American owned company have banned ham and only do halal meat, I look forward to them going out of business, shouldn’t take too long. Wankers

  24. Julie says:

    I went to my local subway in cowley Friday and today and both days they got the order wrong today they put pepper in my 3 year old daughters food so I was outraged and we was 2 drinks short and when I phoned they asked me if I wanted a fresh roll which obviously I did and asked if I wanted them to deliver the drinks and roll we waited over an hour for it to be delivered so my daughter didn’t eat till 8 when I said I’m going to put a complaint in they didn’t seem bothered never again will I be ordering from there

  25. Gillian says:

    I’ve got a new phone and I can’t get the app to work on it keeps saying wrong info which I no it isnt

  26. rhine mcneill says:

    In subway 7 days aweek and to be told that the coleraine store is not participating in the free sub sub today and a would have to travel to Bally money to avail is disgusting al not be using ur store again annoyed X Custer me r

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