Sterling Cigarettes

Sterling Cigarettes UK
by Gallaher Limited +44 1932 372000

Sterling is manifactured by JTI Group, represented and distributed by Gallaher Limited in UK.
The following Phone Number is the Sterling Phone Number in Uk, to be able to contact Sterling.

If you need information about the Sterling Cigarettes, you can contact Sterling at the following Sterling Customer Service Phone Number in UK.

Sterling UK Price and Sterling enquieries can may be answered by the below detailed distributor. Otherwise you can call the Sterling UK Customer Service you may find on the Sterling Cigarretes Box.

Sterling UK Phone Number

+44 1932 372000

Any further information you may require, you can contact Sterling UK by visiting the Sterling Manufacturer Website.

Distribution of Sterling in UK by
Gallaher Limited
A member of the JTI group

Any question you may have, we recommend to visit the above listed Website or to call the above listed Sterling UK Phone Number.

Some of the Sterling Cigarettes are Sterling Smooth and Sterling Menthol.

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79 Comments to “Sterling Cigarettes”

  1. Lauren says:

    I bought a packet of sterling RED cigarettes, as i smoked one they were menthol? I bought sterling red because i wanted sterling red not because i wanted to smoke menthol, i am not satisfied with my purchase at all, i can not show the proof as its not possible to do so with a photo? i would like to hear back as its very disappointing as i am a loyal customer.

    • Petie says:

      I bought a packet of Sterling Red King Size today in Tesco and guess what the packet contained 18 cigarettes. Alebit there was no quantity given on the packet it is a disgrace for a company to be so deceptive

  2. John pullinger says:

    Having purchased sterling super king red for many years now I was disappointed to notice that they are now in 19s rather than 20s. When did this happen? Seriously considering changing brands. When I buy 20 I expect 20.

  3. Karl says:

    Was disappointed brought 20 now packed in 19s what a joke I notice the price hasn’t gone down for less !!!!!!! It’s like backi if I buy 25gram I expect 25 grams sort it out either pack 20s or lower the price

  4. Denise says:

    Bought what I thought was 20 Sterling Red, got home to find that there was only 19. As a consumer do you not think that we should be made aware of this and given a choice to smoke something else.
    Also the 19 should be printed large on front of pack.

  5. Dave says:

    When we go to the shop and ask and pay for 20 cigarettes we want what we ask and pay for! Anything less is Fruad and we all should contact trading standards lets start a Facebook page calling everyone to switch brand and stay clear of all cigarettes made by these merchants.

  6. natalie says:

    I just bought what I thought was 20 sterling red and got angry when I realised there was only 19 in a packet!!! I noticed the price had also gone done from £6.91 to £6.80. If I was charged 11p a smoke it would only cost £2.09 for 19!! The price should of went done by 35p not 11! Obviously sterling will be making a lot more money this way so I am going to change brands from these rip offs.

  7. Piera Thomas says:

    Only 19 cigarettes in many 20 packs of sterling superkings red.
    Not happy.
    Want a refund.
    How do you contact the company properly?

  8. maryam says:

    Bought 20 sterling superkings but was only 19 in the box? Lucky I opened the pack in front of the shopkeeper who took it back and gave me another 20 box but when I opened the new pack there was only 19 in it. Not happy at all 🙁

  9. raja says:

    Got 20 sterling red superkings got home to find 19 in the box. Went back to the shop who told me It’s happening to almost all of his customers and now is thinking of not selling sterling’s anymore. But that dont help me in time of hardship every cigg counts. If sterling are selling 19 in a box they shoud advertise it as 19.

  10. Belinda says:

    Purchased 200 cigarettes last week every pack had only 19 cigarettes in I thought this may be just a manufacturing fault at the time but now today I’ve bought another 200 opened the first pack and 19 cigarettes in it so I tried another and the same so I pressume the rest will have 19 in them to I’m disgusted in this I’m paying for 20 not 19 so I won’t be buying sterling again and would like to know if I could get refunded for the packs that were missing the cigarette after all I paid for 20 not 19

  11. sue says:

    I have only realised the drop in pack contents today cigs are dear enough without the company ripping us off also definitely will be changing brands it does state 19 in tiny numbers on the side of the pack

  12. Kara says:

    The packs do say 19 on the side but I like most wasn’t aware of them changing the quantity, I’ve now swapped brands…

  13. sam says:

    To be fair it does have 19 on the side of the lid and by mine the ones that are wrapped with the price have gone down but it still aint the point and to be cocky about it and askin for 19 sterling superkings does sound stupid oh and the price has dropped by a massive 11p ha -.- id rather spend the 11p n have a extra fag

  14. John says:

    I’ve been a smoker of sterling blue for many years and never had a problem with the brand but like most comments on here I happened to look at the side of the packet and notice it said 19 rather than 20. Ok so it’s only one cigarette but my problem is I like most people don’t like being conned. Where is it labeled clearly that I’m now buying 19!? I even ask over the counter for 20 and you’ll probably find that the staff selling them are unaware. If sterling could have been bothered to put on the front that I’m now buying 19 rather than 20 I would still be smoking that brand, now out of principle I have switched brand. I hope that everybody who eventually realises that you are now selling 19 rather than 20 also switches brand and maybe in the future as a company you will keep your customers informed! Very disappointed!!

  15. Sara says:

    I’m with you all on this, have been smoking these for so long now and did think my first couple of packets of 19 were just a fault but looked over the packet and found it states 19 – what a joke, I will be changing my brand of smokes from now onwards !!!!

  16. Tanya says:

    19 instead of 20?!, I feel like I’ve been scammed. Looking for a new brand who doesn’t feel the need to use sneaky tactics against their customers. I don’t trust Sterling anymore.

  17. eddiej says:

    I find it hard to believe that a company as big as jtl group can get away with fraud
    By duping their customers . 19 is not 20 and the price drop is not as big as it should be and also they could have told us all that they were going to do this.
    going to change my brand and seek legal advice they’ve conned us all

  18. michael says:

    Buying Sterling red for years. Not now since only 19 in pack. Since when? I buy in bulk for the month and bought 400 & didn’t realise till I got home. They didn’t exactly shout that from the rooftops. Same price though means essentialy a 5% price hike. Very poor and they are going to lose a lot of customers.

  19. Scott says:

    I am very disappointed with how the manufacturers have gone about reducing the number of cigarettes in a pack and very surreptitiously put the number 19 on the side of the flip lid. It should be clear and on the front! Allow me to be clear and transparent. I won’t be buying your brand any longer! I feel ripped off, ridiculed, conned, lied to and taken advantage of. That is no way to treat your customers.

  20. Donna D says:

    I buy 200 fags every 3 weeks but I’ve noticed there is now only 19 in a pack why is this? I pay for 200 not for 190 absolutely terrible please sort this out

  21. Evelyn says:

    I too have just noticed the packets are now 19 not 20, shocking that we were never informed of this, I too will be changing brand. A little insert in the packet would have been a simple way of informing customers. Bad move!

  22. Cher says:

    I noticed also 2 weeks ago that it’s now 19 in a pack, I noticed when reading the pack and noticed the 19 at top on the side. On further research it seems that other cheap brands are doing the same. Mayfair Richmond are 19 also whereas Regal etc are still 20. Not very amused.

    • Rhonda Cooper says:

      I have bought a pack today and there are only 19 cigarettes in the pack, no outside information to say, and are handed over to me at my supermarket without being informed. This is nothing but a rip off, no information and trying to fool the pubic. I find this unacceptable and will be forwarding a complaint to the Advertising Authority

  23. julia says:

    Eh… 19 fags when I asked for 20… since when did this change? Defo switching brands. Feel cheated and at the price of them one less makes a difference!! It wasn’t like I’d even paid less than normal!!

  24. Steve says:

    I think it’s disgusting that they have changed from 20 down to 19 in a packet without telling us the buyers I think us the smokers now need to stop buying sterlings now because at the end of the day they need us if we don’t buy from them they lose business.
    And on another note the shops still sell them to you as 20’s when you ask for a packet of 20’s they don’t inform you that they are now 19’s….I’ve been to trading standards and they are now looking into this.

  25. Glenda says:

    I’ve just researched 19 sterling as I thought the shop I purchased them from was selling fake cigarettes and didn’t smoke them as was going to report the shop . Cannot believe after smoking them for years we are not informed of the changes and cost implications !!!! Discusted !!! I will be purchasing a new bran from now on !

  26. Vicky Dear says:

    I brought 200 duty free cigarette and some have an extra butt paper around the middle of the fag!!??!? So I cant even smoke them!!? What can I do??

  27. Peter says:

    Hi feel like I should comment but see I’m not the only one that feels I’m being stiffed by the man all cigarette company’s have just dropped to 19 not 20 but this was not made clear in any way the price goes up the quantity goes down. I pay enough to kill myself as it is at this rate it will be the price that ends me not the product. Can I please be sent some free cigaretts for this misleading change of events.
    All the best pete
    First time commenter
    Life long smoker

  28. lucy says:

    Hi i brought a pack of 10 cigarettes to open the pack and find 4 of them with the brown bit at the top at the nub bit all wrapped around 4 cigarettes. Im very dissapointed as you cant smoke the cigarettes now and that was nearly half of a packet. Theres is no way i can send a photo to show this. But im really dissapointed as this is only the ever the cigarette brand i buy. Could you get back to me.

  29. Farid says:

    Bought a packet today and only had 17 in a packet went to the Shops they said contact you I want a refund or you to send me some out and I seen it’s only 19 in a pack I will be smoking some thing else now. Get my money worth. Contact me please. Thanks

  30. Anon says:

    It’s actually a good thing, the last budget the duty increased by 34p on a pack of 20, but by selling 19’s it avoids the tax hike!

  31. angela says:

    I would to express my concerns of the potential lethal effect , your fresh burst cigarettes could pose .
    I had been enjoying this product for over two months, in which time I noticed how hot the filter becomes, and very quickly, burning away very fast in comparison to any other type of cigarette.
    I have damaged many items of clothing and of furniture burning holes right through thick fabrics
    a result of the bead inside the filter becoming so heated, it then tends to drop off before the cigarette is extinguished.
    I feel it may be in the best interest of your consumers to be made aware of the dangers these packs may cause ,and adding extra cautionary advice to packets and of course the possibility of making the brand a lot safer to smoke and this doesn,t happen in the future.

  32. nicola says:

    Bought a packet of fresh burst , accept they were just normal
    nothing to burst waste of money

  33. mandy says:

    Disgusting!!! Phoned company and told retailers had been informed but not passed down to staff who serve. Talk about passing the buck! Am being ripped of at 20 a week. Changing brand as of today

  34. Sheila says:

    I bought two packs of Sterling Blue Superkings the other day – the first one I opened had 20 cigs, the second only 19 so I also thought that it was a packing error. Now I see from previous comments that this is the norm!!! I can’t believe it! I certainly won’t be buying anymore (the principle) and will check when deciding which brand to go for exactly how many cigarettes are in the pack!

  35. rrosemary says:

    I have bought sterling superkings 5 times at asda and there has only been 19 in packet. If you pay £6.87 for 20 there should be 20 in packet. Why is this happening is somepne not packing them properly what is going on? Raging about this.

  36. kristy says:

    only 19 in lots of Sterling packets!

  37. Lia says:

    Bought 20 (19) sterling fresh taste, and at least half of them didnt have poppers in the filter, so were normal sterlings not fresh taste. Disappointed to say the least seeings as i dont smoke normal taste cigarettes. Ive had a pack or two before where one cigarette doesnt have a popper, but half a pack is taking the mick slightly to be honest. Now i have half a pack that i wont smoke. Way to go sterling.

  38. Bill says:

    Feeling very bad about cigarettes used to come in packs of 20 then went down as you only get 19 in them now they have gone up to £6.99 and you still only get 19 in them just ripping us smokers off

  39. Gasxcc cbcnhd says:

    i ve been smoking stering for years now and im very unhappy that the price of sterling has gone considerably but yet the number of cigarettes in the pack have gone down this is diabolical

  40. alan says:

    its the 19 in a packet thing with me as well. Not great guys.

  41. Hannah Phillips says:

    I bought a packet of fresh taste the other day, to again find the filter balls were absent. This is the second time this has happened. I buy fresh taste for a better smoking experience. I smoke them for the fresh taste. Not a very happy customer

  42. Tj says:

    was disappointed at first when sterling decided to go from 20 to 19 in a pack but now not very happy to see that instead of 19 it’s 18 now thinking of changing brands !!

  43. Nicola Tansley says:

    I asked for 20 sterling fresh just to find the packet said 18!
    Labelling should be made much clearer. Feeling very ripped off. Not a happy customer.

  44. Mark Leader says:

    Just bought 20 sterling king size which is what I’ve been smoking for quite a few years and the new packets now only have 18 in them, I though it was bad enough only giving 19 but this is now a complete con. I have now decided to try another brand instead.

  45. Christine says:

    I asked for 20 sterling reds and received 18 it is written on the wrapper not the packet the price is still the same average cigarette costs 0.35p so why has the price stayed the same and you have taken another out of the packet this is ridiculous

  46. Gerard says:

    i have recently bought sterling superkings and have found that there is only 18 in there, this only seems to b happening at this 1 shop in white cross Northern Ireland

  47. jak sargent says:

    I’ve just bought a fresh pack of supposed to be 19 ,it didn’t have 19 in the side anywhere and there was only 18 in there not happy at all first 20 then 19 now 18 was next

  48. joanne vickers says:

    I have just bough 20 sterling red to get home and there is only 18 fags in it what the he’ll not happy will not be buying them any more after smoking them for many years now

  49. Olivia Tyler-moore says:

    I tonight opened sterling Menthol and found 18 only in packet this is disgusting! !!

  50. nigel taylor says:

    One thing we could do is contact the supermarkets.
    I think technically they are in breach of the law, called passing off.
    We all ask for 20 / 40 whatever but has anyone been advised that they are only getting 18/ 36 before we hand over our cash?
    It’s a bit like asking for a Coke and getting Pepsi. Nothing really wrong with it, just not what you asked for.
    I’m not nearly savvy enough to set up a Facebook page but hopefully someone out there is

  51. S says:

    I bought a packet of Sterling Dual and the packet on had 18 in the pack. As if they are not expensive enough! Not impressed!

  52. Holly says:

    I have just purchased a pack of sterling fresh taste and as above found only 18. Fair enough you reduced it to 19 to dodge tax but at least you put it on the packet, utterly ridiculous that it’s the same price and you have reduced it to 18 without notice !

  53. April says:

    I bought 19 sterling fresh burst and only got 18 in the box i paid £6.99

  54. Melanie says:

    I bought a pack of 20 only to find there was only 18, thought it was a one off, yet bought another pack and only 18 in, I see from a lot of the comments that the pack is now 18, so you should sell them as pack of 18 not 20, totally disgusted, would like a refund

  55. Lauren says:

    I purchased a packet of sterling fresh taste to find there was only 18 cigarettes in the packet. It is ridiculous that it is not on the packaging seems a bit dodgy

  56. Andrea cooper says:

    I bought a pack of 20 sterling dual today to find that there was only 18 in the box at the same price.not only that but 1 of the cigarettes didn’t have a dual button in it! I expect a reply And a refund or a new box. Sort it out

  57. Lydia moulton says:

    I think its absolutly ridiculous that you expect people to pay so much for a pack of cigarettes and you keep dropping the amount you get in them, i have just paid £6.99 for 18 cigarettes i think the price is outrageous for what the customer gets in future i think im going to buy a different brand of cigarettes that are cheaper and get MORE

  58. Ruby says:

    What rubbish bu a 20 pack and only receive 18.

  59. roger says:

    fraud If i short change anybody trading standards would be on my back within week heavy fine or prison so put 20 packs back 20 not 18 i will also complain to trading standards about this fraud

  60. Tom landers says:

    I’ve bought sterling fresh taste for a while now and have notices they’ve gone down to 19 in a pack but today I bout 10×19 pack and have just opened my first packet nd there are only 17 I am not happy please can I have a reason why

  61. Michaela says:

    Hi just wondering if anyone else has noticed hat sterling dual/fresh taste are not the same. I changed from menthol to them as they were nicer slightly stronger and now they are different plus 17 in a box now . Definitely changing to a different brand

  62. Mick Sykes says:

    I purchased 5 x 17 pck of sterling cigarettes from tescos batch no LJE8C18 and 4 of the packets only contained 16! please recity this problem

  63. Roksana27 says:

    I have purchased a sterling fresh cigarets and as its says on the packed 20 cigarets I have cointed 17 that happen to me already twice ..Im not happy with it as those cigarets cost over 7 pounds and Im not getting it in what im expecting to get ..17 in Not 20 !!!!

  64. Anca says:

    I happen 3 times , I had In my sterling fresh taste box only 17 cigarettes . Wtf

  65. Sharon Stevens says:

    Just bought a pack of Sterling super kings asked for 20 only 17 in the pack . Bloody rip off , price is still the same . Won’t be buying your product again .

  66. roy says:

    i would like to know why you have been misleading us smoke us to how many you put in a pack.
    i been smoking sterling blue for some time and when i started smoking this brand i got 20 in a pack . has time went on you ask for 20 pay the price and think you got 20 only to fine your short by 3. what a rip off .

  67. Tammy rrid says:

    I buy 20 every month as,my wages,aren’t gd yet today I was given 16in my 20 pocket I like refund of some sort

  68. Jose Monteiro says:

    I bought a pack of cigarettes Sterling Fresh taste in one petrol station for £6.89 and when i open the pack I have only 17th cigarettes?
    What is that?

  69. krystian says:

    I just bought what I thought was 20 sterling fresh t.. and got angry when I realised there was only 17 in a packet.
    Everyday is the same I never no have 20!!

  70. Miroslav Conka says:

    I bought super king size sterling 20 and was in a pack 17.I am really upsed.

  71. Nicole says:

    Just purchased a packet of starlings at tescos.
    Paid for a packet of 20 and only recieved 17?!

    How is this possible. It’s ridiculous and unacceptable:

  72. David says:

    I’m am very upset as I have got a few packs of yours over the last few days and my cigarette has fallen apart which has left me without a cigarette, at the cost of purchasing cigarettes to have this happen is a joke, I’m guessing I should have stayed smoking b&h as I’m never had that before with them, would like to know what you feel as a company what should I do? As I spend a lot of money each year on these and don’t think this should be ok for me as a customer!!

  73. Leanne says:

    i opened a 20 pack to find only 16 cigarettes? this seems like such a waste of money & a let down since I was expecting 20 😕

  74. Megan says:

    I brought a 20 pack of sterling menthol cigarettes today, once opened I found 3 cigarettes missing! I’m disgusted as I have been smoking sterling for years and I have never had an issue before today and since they are £6.99 a pack now I expect 20 cigarettes! Very disappointed.

  75. Kimberley says:

    I recently purchased a packet of sterling fresh. Upon lighting a cigarette I discovered that there was no magical menthol button. What is the reason for this?

  76. Tam mckay says:

    I recently bought a pack of 20 sterling red which only had 17 in the pack i as a customer feel im being ripped off and I demand my money back or get the cigarettes I ordered

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