Spotify UK Phone Number n/a

Spotify UK offers this Spotify Phone Number, to get in contact with Spotify Headquaters in US.
You can Contact Spotify for any question you may have, at the Spotify contact number listed below.

The Spotify UK Customer Service will help you with any inquiry you may have for example with your Spotify Account or Spotify Download. Also if you have any problems with Spotify Ads, you can contact Spotify Support at the following Spotify UK Support Phone Number.

Spotify UK Support
for Spotify for Android


Spotify Support is available at the Spotify UK Phone Number, at all times, to help you with any issue or question you may have.
You also can Contact Spotify UK through email and with the Spotify UK Contact Us Form on the Spotify Customer Service homepage.

Spotify United Kingdom or Spotify Great Britain attends complaints by mail, there is no Spotify Customer Service Phone Number in UK, to answer questions immediatly.
Spotify offers a Customer Service and a Spotify Support from US.

This is where you can reach Spotify Customer Service and contact Spotify at the Spotify Head Office.

Spotify Contact
Spotify Limited
4th Floor
25 Argyll Street
London W1F 7TU
United Kingdom

Also get information about Spotify UK Download and the Spotify UK Price, visiting the Spotify Online Site shown above.
And the Spotify App for Android and other Spotify App available for download.

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10 Comments to “Spotify”

  1. Rowena Ireland says:

    why am i recieving charges on my phone bill when i already have an account on tablet?

  2. qadar says:

    could you please cancel my premium account because they keep charging my phone account which i don’t use it at all ….and if is possible can i get a re-found …. i haven’t even used it and they charge me without my permission … they charge me last month 14 and im concern about they gonna charge me this month 14 please can you do anything about it ………massage me back ……..thanks

  3. kenbowley says:

    i cannot cancel my premium account it keeps saying i have to cancel through itunes but i cannot please help

  4. Morag duffy says:

    Why do I keep being charged £9.99 for something I do not have would like all payments returned as I do not have Spotify and it has been appearing on my account for ages and this is the first I have been able to find a way of contacting you

  5. Carol Daniels says:

    You have been charging my sons mobile account for the past 2 months of £10 a month. I am the account holder to my sons phone (the person who pays the bill) could you please cancel any chargeable subscibtion in the future and refund £20 back into the account where you have made the charges, as I didn’t give permission for this to go ahead.
    Ps why is it so hard to find a number that customers can contact to resolve issues???

  6. Michael Robinson says:

    Lost all my music on spotify

  7. H purdy says:

    I have tried on numerous occasions to cancel my premium , you keep taking £9,99 out of my account each month . I wang my account cancelling now !!

  8. Beki says:

    HI I have family premium, and I have too people on there, I have forgotten my user name and email address as it was one I just made for Spotify I use direct debit to pay for it is they any chance you can see what my email and username is but my payment.

  9. Beki says:

    Oh and I think it is stupid that you don’t have a contact number for people who would like this solved quicker now on no fault off you but I can’t listen too my spotify till you help me where if you had a phone number I could off had this sorted by now and be happy listening to my music

  10. Gary mcmillan says:

    Hello can you cancel my premium member ship because I can’t log into my account and your charging me 10 pound a month when a can’t access my account

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