Sovereign Cigarettes

Sovereign Cigarettes UK
by Gallaher Limited +44 1932 372000

Sovereign is manifactured by JTI Group, represented and distributed by Gallaher Limited in UK.
The following Phone Number is the Sovereign Phone Number in Uk, to be able to contact Sovereign.

If you need information about the Sovereign Cigarettes, you can contact Sovereign at the following Sovereign Customer Service Phone Number in UK.

Sovereign UK Price and Sovereign enquieries can may be answered by the below detailed distributor. Otherwise you can call the Sovereign UK Customer Service you may find on the Sovereign Cigarretes Box.

Sovereign UK Phone Number

+44 1932 372000

Any further information you may require, you can contact Sovereign UK by visiting the Sovereign Manufacturer Website.

Distribution of Sovereign in UK by
Gallaher Limited
A member of the JTI group

Any question you may have, we recommend to visit the above listed Website or to call the above listed Sovereign UK Phone Number.

Some of the Sovereign Cigarettes are Sovereign Blue and Sovereign Black Pack.

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44 Comments to “Sovereign Cigarettes”

  1. James Erskine says:

    My complaint is that I bought 20 sovereign super kings and opened them up and there was only 19 in the packet I was disappointed because it’s the only brand I’ll buy I was not very happy you sould put extra care when filling your packets

    • kevin says:

      crafty buggers have started packageing in 19s look at top corner of packet

      • JOANNE ROXBURGH says:

        18 in mine, and surely if i ask for a pack of 20 then they should say they no longer sell them, not sell them to me anyway…I am actually quite pissed off by this ..

    • Elaine says:

      My complaint is I brought 20 Sovereign king size only got 17 in pack what are you going to do

  2. Kirsty says:

    I always buy Sovereign, never had problems I’ve bought a pack 20 today and I can’t get a draw off and tastes funny
    If you can get back to me so I give more details thanks

  3. linda habershon says:

    having opened my sovereign cigarettes i found a cigarette with the paper open with a hole in it i find they are expensive enough kindly advise me on what i can do about it i have found this has happened a few times i therefore would like your comments on what i should do about it

  4. Ann says:

    Just opened a pack of what I thought was 19 sovereign from co-op store to find only 18 and no indication as to how many in packet on corner of box is this now the new packaging?

    • Donna says:

      Ditto – Sovereign Blue were always sold in 19’s but bought a packet from Sainsbury’s today and only 18 in there and likewise, no indication of how many in a packet.

      • Donna says:

        And now (October 15) Sovereign Sky Blue have suddenly dropped to 17 per packet… the only indication is a very small number printed on the cellophane (which of course everyone checks with a magnifying glass before opening a packet).

        Deliberately misleading? I guess the manufacturer would argue not, but this is certainly not designed to ensure that customers are aware of what they are buying… that’s the last packet of Sovereign for me… I think I will move pack to a reputable brand where I don’t have to examine the packaging under a microscope!

  5. claire says:

    To who it may concern i had not realised they had changed the amount of cigarettes in a packet of sovereign from a 20 to 19 ???

  6. mandy says:

    Yep….just opened a pack & sure enough only 18 cigs !! No indication on packet. Not acceptable! !

  7. Kay franks says:

    18 in a packet and still the same price as a packet of 20 carnt be right???

  8. Rose says:

    Also have just found my packet to contain 18 cigarettes? Very sneaky as this is not clearly marked on the packaging, on inspection it only appears on the clear wraping on the outside of the packet in tiny print!

  9. Debbie says:

    Hi I too am really annoyed. I had realised some time ago that a packet of 20 had gone down to 19 now today I bought a packet and there is only 18 in them! What on earth is going on? There could have at least warned us that this was going to be the case!

  10. Angela shorthouse says:

    Just opened a pkt sovereign king size blue and yet again only 18 inside is this normal practice as I’m thinking of changing brand if that’s so

  11. Danny says:

    Why wasn’t there information about the packet size being reduced and yet the price increases very bad customer service and support NOT happy at all

  12. May Cowan says:

    Twice I have purchased a pack of sovereign king size from Tesco in Holmesdale rd Bromley
    Each time there was only 18 cigarettes in. The packet

  13. stuart seaward says:

    Ask for 20 and get 18 . FFS you’re joking me . There is nothing on the packet to say you will only get 18 . Won’t be buying them again .

  14. D knowles says:

    Twice i have thought i was purchasing 20 cigarrettes and only 18 in the pack.Will not be buying this brand again.

  15. Jay says:

    Just bought a packet of sovereign blue kingsize instead of 20 I get 18 and from the looks of it a lot of people have the same problem. That should surely be a trading standards issue as it’s false advertising

  16. H Roberts says:

    I have just purchased a multipack of Sovereign blue, to notice you are now selling them in packs of 17?!!!
    Wrong on every level!!

    • staurt says:

      Just purchased a packet of so called superking 20, to find only 17 fags and the same price how is this possible with no indication on the packet, i know this went to 19 but this is a joke.

  17. Sarah says:

    I’ve just brought what I asked for 20 sovereign smooth and there is 17 in the pack… What an earth…. How can you justify that??????

  18. Gavin Roberts says:

    I’ve got sovereign sky blues from coop last few days with every pack being short of the so call 20! Not happy

  19. D Anderson says:

    I have recently started to buy this brand as in Asda £6.40 though that was cheap, then a few weeks later notice they have changed to 19 but now recently discovered they have gone to 18 which I weren’t happy but to my amazement when I was visiting family in Newcastle they have gone to 17 wtf is this legal ? Are they suppose to advise when they taking out 3 cigarettes

  20. eyematopgeeza says:

    now their going down to 17 in a packet surely they are breaking the law in some way

  21. staurt says:

    Just purchased a packet of so called superking 20, to find only 17 fags and the same price how is this possible with no indication on the packet, i know this went to 19 but this is a joke.

  22. Paul says:

    I’m so angry in 4 packets of the 20 blue sovereign in total 9 cigarettes down the company becoming a job well that’s one less customer now .

  23. Sarah M says:

    have just bought a pack of sovereign and on opening thought mm this pack looks a bit short….Yes SEVENTEEN in the pack and still selling at the same price.

  24. jason says:

    been a sovereign smoker for some years now, and altho iam pissed off about 20-19-18 i accepted this as price was still comparable to other brands, but whne i got last packet with 17 in enough was enough, i have now changed brand and advising others to do likewise, this is misleading to say the least, no advertisment, no shop tellers warning of changes, wish i had the funds to take action against this low-life trick from this company. . . . . . .

  25. BAJeffery says:

    Bought a packet of Sovereign Superkings last week after asking for 20, the packet only contained 17. Thought maybe it was a manufacturing fault, but another packet today was the same. No notice from the salesperson that it did not contain 20 and this was in one of the main supermarkets. Seems to be a case of selling under false pretences.

  26. sandie says:

    You put the price of cigarettes up and then only put 17 in a pack… rip off . Bloody discusting

  27. victoria Redknapp says:

    Y no warning of putting down the number of cigarettes in the packet???? I wont be buying sovereign blue again paying the price of 20 but only getting 17 wrong.

  28. Vicki wright says:

    I bought a packet of cigarettes wich only had 17 in them. I was disappointed with this as the price is still rising.

  29. Lee Spence says:

    My complaint is the same as everyone else. SEVENTEEN in a packet, thats ridiculous. couldnt believe it when i opened my packet and the cigarettes moved around loosely. Would be nice if they stated on the packet in bigger numbers that we are being ripped off again. Sick and tired of getting ripped off by Sovereign. Bout time you started making smaller packets , how long before we get 16 in a pack. Either somethings gotta be done or im gonna buy from a different company.

  30. Amy Elise says:

    Just brought a pack of 20 sovereign blue but only received 16…this is the second time this has happened and I think its a piss take!! I dont care if they do sell smaller packs, if I asked for a pack of 20 thats what I expect to receive!

  31. Hayley Granger says:

    I went to the shop to by my supper king fags they was £6.50 but I had 17 was 18 so why the same price im upset about it I will smoke some fink else

  32. Gemma Hart says:

    Why is there only 17 in a pack now? So the price stays the same but the fags go down not inpressed rite now!!!!

  33. Natasha says:

    How many cigarettes are you supposed to get in sovereign superking menthols because I’ve only got 17 and there’s gaps for the rest?! I asked for 20 NOT 17 sovereign! Such an odd number too and it doesn’t state anywhere on the pack how many so is this a joke or what??

  34. Amy says:

    I wouldn’t buy these , Bought 20 packet and 3 blew up in my face, disgrace

  35. Aaron says:

    What a joke, because of new laws which means there must be 20 in a packet the cigarettes now have a longer butt meaning there is less cigarette to smoke.. rip off

  36. Sydney says:

    Bought two 10 packs yesterday and out of 20 cigarettes 17 of them were broken and the filter had fallen off leaving them impossible to smoke as a dual, won’t be buying sovereign again. Paid £9.90 to only be able to smoke 3 of the cigarettes, not happy

  37. Anne says:

    The new boxes of blue sovereign with 20 in them are not the same as the 17 they burn ur throat since ive had them ive had a sore and burning feeling they taste and smell like them dodgey fags and its not only me alot of people have said the same can u please sort this out.

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