Microsoft UK offers the following phone number for customer service, contact Microsoft International. Contact Microsoft UK technical support phone number..

Contact Microsoft customer Care..

Microsoft UK customer service phone number

Microsoft UK contact telephone number:
The customer service phone number for the United Kingdom is:

0844 800 2400

• Global Customer Service phone numbers
Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sat: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Calls provided by BT to the 0844 number above will be charged at 5 pence per minute.
A Call Set-Up Fee of up to 6 pence per call applies to calls from Residential lines. Mobile and other providers’ costs may vary.

Microsoft UK customer support phone number:

0844 800 2400

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15 Comments to “MICROSOFT”

  1. Dell Inspiron 560 June 2013. Product ID (number)
    You, Microsoft are bombarding my computer with KB2835364 Which will not install. I have tried all the help suggestions from Windows Help. NO SUCCESSS. This rogue KB2835364 will not install, I accessed which scanned my computer and opened a window “your computer does not need this update!”
    Can you advise who and how I can contact someone at Microsoft who can stop this futile bombardment of my computer?

  2. Bill Walker says:

    Microsoft has started redirecting my emails to third party email addresses, but I am unable to get past their computerised answering service to find out why. All their computer wants to do is reset my password by first sending a code to yet another third party email address. Something is very wrong at Microsoft.

  3. Colin says:

    Why is it taking so long to get win 10 UPGRADE, is it been rolled out alfebetly

  4. Arran penney says:

    Just install windows 10 can’t access windows store keeps coming up with error message

  5. Viv Collins says:

    after receiving a scam phone call that shut down my
    computer. I need a start up password for Microsoft 7 to get into my p.c. Can you help please?

    • Ruth says:

      All I want to do is access my subscriptions and billing details for kids xboxes. none shown in spite of fact you accept all of my details and log me in. And take my money on a regular basis. Days of trying to find and use telephone no’s useless. every time I try to access online help, you ask me to create a profile, but won’t allow me to. Used a different email to set up original xbox, but you don’t even give an option to log in with that. Still taking money. Service is the worst I have dealt with in my whole life. Even worse than BT and that is saying a LOT. I want to TALK to a PERSON on a TELEPHONE, seeing as I can’t seem to get to you via email, live chat or anything as you seem to think that this person from whom you remove money from every month (and extras, when the kids earn it), doesn,t exist. However powerful yuo think you are, Microsoft and Bill Gates, you have a responsibility towards your consumers. And it should be open and honest and easily accessible. I have never experienced such difficulty in accessing support from any other company, large or small. If you can make so many of your products work so well, how can you not provide easy support for your customers, who provided you with your money? I am sure you would want to at least see a balance and some details on your ‘billing’ profile? Without going through hoops for days and hours at a time? Whilst your products have worked (mostly) well, your customer service is absolutely abysmal. I have never come across worse.

    • John Cobner says:

      The same thing has just happened to me. What would you suggest ?.

  6. Mark says:

    installed windows 10 now my touchpad wont scroll up or down AND my printer will not connect so sorry I installed this I need my printer

  7. Becket says:

    Windows 10 corrupted and had to be reinstalled. Almost all files in MS Onedrive revert to the state they were in a month ago. Result: the loss of almost a complete book.

  8. Brian says:

    Upgraded from Win 7 to 10. All ok for a few weeks until update downloaded. Then PC mayhem. Can’t open apps, photos, IE unpredictable and there doesn’t seem to be any help anywhere to sort it out as I’m not a techy.

  9. Margaret kilner says:

    I received a scam email this morning from Outlook Security, warning of ‘Account Termination’. I signed in with my user name and password, before realising a possible fraud. I changed my password about an hour later, but I am very worried my emails and information may be compromised. What would you advise me to do? I have tried to call customer services.

  10. Sue says:

    My other computer installed Windows 10 and is now totally stuffed!! Thanks Microsoft good job my brother loaned me this one which is on XP and still works, Ha Ha.

  11. Sue B says:

    Windows10 totally stuffed my Windows7 laptop and I am now using an old XP laptop which my brother gave me a long time ago. Thanks Microsoft we love you NOT!!!

  12. nick calvert says:

    Can’t access my Facebook account. You have hidden my hotmail address and every time I try and recover my Microsoft account your poxy auto system won’t allow it….

  13. Joan Mosley says:

    Please update my password. All my e-mails stopped since Jan 11th.

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