Mayfair Cigarettes

Mayfair Cigarettes UK
by Gallaher Limited +44 1932 372000

Mayfair is manifactured by JTI Group, represented and distributed by Gallaher Limited in UK.
The following Phone Number is the Mayfair Phone Number in Uk, to be able to contact Mayfair.

If you need information about the Mayfair Cigarettes, you can contact Mayfair at the following Mayfair Customer Service Phone Number in UK.

Mayfair UK Price and Mayfair enquieries can may be answered by the below detailed distributor. Otherwise you can call the Mayfair UK Customer Service you may find on the Mayfair Cigarretes Box.

Mayfair UK Phone Number

+44 1932 372000

Any further information you may require, you can contact Mayfair UK by visiting the Mayfair Manufacturer Website.

Distribution of Mayfair in UK by
Gallaher Limited
A member of the JTI group

Any question you may have, we recommend to visit the above listed Website or to call the above listed Mayfair UK Phone Number.

Some of the Mayfair Cigarettes are Mayfair fine and Mayfair Sky Blue.

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73 Comments to “Mayfair Cigarettes”

  1. Catherine Richards says:

    I bought a packet of mayfair super kings and there was only 19 in packet

    • rita frearson says:

      I’ve also purchased several packs of Mayfair to which there only been 19 in them I’m not a happy person about this there dear enough to buy as it is

      • Bobbie says:

        I’ve also brought several packets of Mayfair with only 19 in them. If other cigarettes weren’t so rough on my throat id have stopped purchasing them a while back! I know its only one cigarette, but it all adds up!

        • F says:

          They’ve changed it to 19 in the packets, says so on the side of the box but you still get charged for 20 and nobody selling them has been made aware of the change. Still says 20 on the shelf edge labels too. It’s sly if you ask me, and against trading standards

    • david says:

      i have been smoking mayfair for 20 year and i smoke 40 a day now ti cut from 20 in a pack to 19 in a pack this is the last straw going to change my brand so i get the full 20 out of my pack you do the sums mayfair on what i spend in year and see how much your going to loss mayfair doing anything to rip us off again and not to tell any one is a insult to us all

    • Ms Brown says:

      Same here what is going on at £7.30 for a pack of 20 I expect to get what i
      Paid for….so do I need to b checking all the time now????

    • Jimbob says:

      I have just noticed there are only 19 in a pack, not 20. These companies take the pi**. As if they are not making enough money as it is, the least they can do is put 20 in a pack. I am now going to look at changing brands or maybe even by some tobacco plant seeds…….robbing mothers.

    • alan says:

      I used to pay £7.25 for 20 mayfair fine
      Then I paid £7.14 for 19
      Now I pay £7.25 for 19

      this is a 37p devious price rise surely something can be done by the big supermarkets to stop this.
      Ido not know about other brands but I suspect similar increases

    • Kelly H. says:

      I just paid for a pack of 20 Mayfair cigarettes and i only got 19 in it. This is the second time this has happened to me. Please do something about this or your company is going to start losing costumers.

  2. lauri corden says:

    I have just brought a pack of 20 Mayfair and there’s only 19 in the packet

  3. Nikki says:

    Just went and opened a new packet of 20 Mayfair smooth and only have 19! Not happy as they are expensive as it is! I don’t cut someone’s hair and leave a part out!!

  4. Debra says:

    I’ve just complained to Mayfair over the phone as there were only 18 in my pack and have been told that Mayfair have now decided to only do packs of 19 and it says this on the side of each box , looks like I’m changing my brand

  5. Robin Bayley says:

    Upto now I have had 6 packets with 19 or less!

  6. andrew says:

    can JTI group or Gallaher Limited please let us all know why you have started selling 19 cigarettes instead of 20 this is very annoying as they are expensive and i don’t know how long you have been doing this.

  7. Karen murray says:

    I’ve also purchased two packets from my local store, both only have 19?

  8. shauna says:

    I brought a 20box of fags and there was only 19 I’m not happy Mayfair

  9. sonia bovelle says:

    why are tesco and asda not selling mayfair fine ciggarrettes

  10. toejams says:

    Stealth Price increase by the manufacture I’m afraid. I usually be 100 at a time so @ 37.3p per cigarette x 5 = £1.86 more out of me.

  11. toejams says:

    There will be another manufacturer price increase soon. As the EU are about to ban cigarettes being bought in less than packs of 20, so when that come in the price will rise for your extra cigarette back in your pack.

  12. Stephanie says:

    I am really annoyed that I have purchased a packet of 20 cigarettes an have had only 19 in them but yet no price change or advertisement to inform anyone.

  13. james milligan says:

    I have just made a complaint due to packs of 19 not being advertised on packets to the consumer market and the fact that their RRP is £7.25 yet Tesco and other retailers are charging more! we have and are being duped as consumers by JTI Tobacco company! when a change is made to a brand we should as consumers be advised, this is a breach of consumer rights!!

  14. I think this is absolutely shocking, for people who like the brand and they do this with 19s in a packet without any notice to their customer’s not a good way of doing business, I think every loyal customer should find another brand to smoke and let Mayfair deal with THAT………

  15. Jo Marson says:

    I have bought several packets of Mayfair now and only 19 are in there this is not right and false advertising it needs sorting

    • debra says:

      on several occassions ive bought Mayfair and there is only 19 in them again this morning it seems to be since they brought the prices down ive just noticed on the side it says 19. robbing bastards could of advertised it better i hope people start smoking a different brand

  16. Scott braid says:

    Bought about 15 packs Mayfair and only 19 cigarettes in noticed on packs it says 19 on side. Who do I complain to when I go in shop I usually buy 60. They have only been giving me 57. Don’t know how long this has been happening. Feeling ripped off or what.

  17. Scott braid says:

    Changing my brand as Mayfair not advertised this they could have put inserts in packs notifying everyone. Bloody expensive enough changing to Windsor blue now. Bloody rip off.

  18. Wayne Toulouse says:

    I always thought Mayfair was a FAIR company with there brand, you got a fair product for the price.The mayfair products are making customers feal a bit silly now because when I ask for 19 mayfair smooth the guy serving says we do 10’s or 20’s. Going to change brand now .

  19. Tony says:

    19 cigarettes and the public are not told at point of sale – Scam !
    Now that one cigarette is removed, it represents 5% saving by the manufacturer, so, on a pack at around £7.25, it’s a saving for them of 36p but also an increase in price for the buyer !
    I am changing brand
    They take consumers for fools !

  20. Becky Childs says:

    I have just opened up my second pack of 20 with only 19 in this week!!!
    They are expensive enough without not getting as many as you pay for. What is goingnl on???

  21. Sam says:

    I have purchased a packet of 20 with only 19 in them, when I buy my cigarettes I ask for 20 Mayfair not 19, I pay for 20.
    I don’t have the packet with me as My husband has the packet, but I will be checking later.
    And if they are now advertising that they are only selling 19 it is obviously not easy to see.
    I dont understand why they are apparently selling 19 instead of 20, well they make more money out of it.

  22. Sam says:

    Has anyone found an email address for them? to be able to Contact Mayfair?

  23. pam says:

    I just brought a pack of what i thought was 20 . Oh no only 19 price of them there should be more not less

  24. Jennie says:

    I,ve just tried to find the email address – no surprise. can’t find it. But called the office, only to speak to security who inform me they work 9.30- around 4, no wonder when they’ve reduced the packets to 19, and yes it’s not obvious, but it is there. I don,t smoke, but my husband does, however I find this appalling a company can do this, whatever happened to putting the customer first ??????

  25. Elaine says:

    Pretty sure I asked for 20 Mayfair and was given that but yet opened the packet and received 19, surely this is mis selling a product!!!!! I don’t remember the shop saying we don’t do 20 only 19!!!

  26. Moyra Moore says:

    I have been a smoker for over 35 years and the price per pack has increased dramatically over the years. I smoke 20 a day. For the past 3 days I have bought from 3 different suppliers cigarettes only to find that the maker of Mayfair Smooth are also now removing cigarettes from my pack. I am only getting 19 cigarettes. Disgraceful. I have never ever had to complain before but at approx £8 per pack it’s a discrace. How do I get this rectified.

  27. tina says:

    I have never noticed this until now 27/6/14. i have always bought. 20 cigarettes from benson hedges, raffles,until now with mayfair smooth why why why has this been done 19 not 20 it makes no sence, there not cheap, some one please tel me WHY?

  28. Yasmin says:

    It says 19 on the side of the box … its annoying because when you shop you ask for 20 and they give you a box of 19 … but really the complaints shouldn’t be to Mayfair (although they are making money from this)

  29. Len says:

    19 ciggys in my pack of what’s ment to be 20!!! 🙁

  30. NM says:

    Mayfair have been quick enough to advertise their “new packaging” many many times but for this…? nothing!
    I asked for 100 mayfair tonight, no mention from the store that it was effectively 95 cigarettes!!
    Are they now going to be selling 190 packs in airports etc.?
    I shall be switching brands for sure – Gallaher

  31. jj says:

    Every pack I buy only has 19 in recently!!!!! What is going on???

  32. jj says:

    Definitely switching brands what a rip off!! They put the price up and quantity down…. Should be a case for watchdog but I guess they won’t touch it because its not pc!!

  33. I have tried to call the above number today and no joy. So therefore I have come to the conclusion that basically they do not care about customer service. So I have chosen to take my service else where and will no longer purchase Mayfair Superkings again. Now if I find that others are doing the same to pack of 20’s then my non smokering family & friends will be happy that I have stop smoking. As I can not believe that they want to take us for fools. The cheek of it all am still fuming, how can this be right? No notice to say its going to less in the pack, other than a new edition due soon. Cause who the hell looks on the side of the pack to check how many is in the box. In fact let me check with trading standars if this is correct because I feel con..ok rant over it was a pleasure to do businesswith you but with people power I do hope your sales figures go down.

  34. Sam says:

    Only 19 in my 20 packet not happy!!!

  35. tracy says:

    19 cigs in my pack of 20???? I ask for 20 mayfair smooth superkings i expect 20
    Nowhere on the packet does it say i am only getting 19 and the price is still the same. What a rip off, its a disgrace. I will be changing brands. Nothing but conmen

  36. charley says:

    what’s the point in doing such a ridiculous thing to make a 5% saving when we are all just going to change brands and they are going to loose thousand of customers?! I have been smoking mayfair smooth for over 10 years, 20 a day which I have just worked out (quite scary) nearly £36,000!!! if you are going to make such a big change, make sure you let your valued customers know!

  37. marie says:

    im sick and tired of only receiving nineteen cigs when im paying for 20, thats ten packs in the space of a week, so i am ten cigs short, i have smoked your brand for 30yrs but i am now changing to a brand that puts 20 cigs in a 20 pack, you can go skim off of some other mug thank you … angry customer who doesent expect a reply

  38. Sophie maria says:

    Why have I opened up my 20 box of Mayfair smooth and only received 19 cigarettes?! Big let down as this has happened to my friend as well! I hope to receive some kind of compensation for this!

  39. Lynne says:

    Feeling a bit ripped off!!! You go into a store and ask for 20 to find thers only 19 in!! If you bought 6 eggs and there was only 5 the store would gladly refund you,, So who do i ask for a refund off too many to count Cigarettes i am owed? The Shop or Gallaher Ltd?

  40. Rich says:

    The tax for cigarettes sold in pack of 20s has increased. All suppliers are avoiding this by just removing one cigarette and keeping the price the same. Better than a price hike!!

  41. billy king says:

    All of the cheaper cigarettes are only 19 per pack now expensive ones like silk cut and B&H are still 20 you maight only get 19 insteD of 20 but other brands are 1-2 pound more so changing brand isnt a money saver I say pay up or give up

  42. Dave Mills says:

    Mayfair are produced by Japan Tobacco.
    Their website with contact details is:

  43. janet says:

    i bought twenty cigarettes and a few of them did have pin pricks in them

  44. Spears says:

    No point changing brands people, they’re all at it. I’ve started asking for 19 @ POS & often the cashiers look at me as though I’m weird until I point out there’s only 19 in a pack now. It’s I vs to do with how much money they can save & by keeping the cost the same they’re removing a cig instead! All without any announcement.

  45. Karen says:

    I think it!s totally unacceptable that Mayfair are only giving punters 19 cigarettes in what used to be a 20 pack. This country already charges a premium for fags. What’s going on Mayfair? What will the cigarette manufactures do next? I will not be buy Mayfair anymore. When I buy half a dozen eggs I expect to get 12.

  46. jason says:

    Absolute rip off, been smoking mayfair smooth for years now but it seems the small brand got greedy, high price and only 19 in the box, only 1 cig missing but the principle of losing 1 and not being forewarned has made me switch brands, b&h smooth are £6.50 with 19 in, happy days smokers!

  47. kat says:

    Having the same issue with windsor blue superkings. Not even stated on the pack. I have emailed imperial tobacco group,let’s see if they are even bothered about responding. But hey, they are making their money, they aren’t going to be parsed about me falling for it.

  48. Has anyone managed to contact Mayfair over this 19 in a packet. it must be illegal for a shop to advertise 20 and sell 19

  49. Hayley Myles says:

    I am unhappy that i have been buying 40 mayfairs and as no multi packs been having to get 20 packs x2 and they not even 20 in packet and hasnt been no 40 packets for a while now is the 100 pks or 200 pks got 100 ,200 in them or are the 19 in each pkt now surely false advertizing???

  50. Thomas says:

    I’m a 40 a day user until today sneaky rotten move almost thieft in my eyes
    This 19 in a 20 box has been going on for months and I’m only becoming aware of it today because a friend pointed it out. The cost I can deal with.

  51. Lynn says:

    I purchased mine in 200’s and noticed that i was only getting 19 per pack!! so tell me how can it be 200 ??? I complained to the girl behind the counter only to be told another make is only putting 18 in a pack! so should i be grateful i am getting 19 instead of 20??? how many are in a pack of 10 now? 9??

  52. stu says:

    Bought 3 packs of 20 with only 19 in recently. Just noticed it says 19 on the side of the box so cant really complain about it. Change brand from now on.

  53. Lou says:

    Thanks Mayfair. I’m really glad you ripped me off because when I saw how much of a complete con this was on your customers, I realised that I am sick of being ripped off, every time there is a budget, the price goes up, and now cigarette companies greed has annoyed me so much that I quit smoking four weeks ago. I really do hope all the companies that are ripping off their customers suffer a very slow and extremely painful death, hopefully from prolonged torture and pointy devices being inserted into them.

  54. jimmy says:

    Had a packet of Mayfair. And there was 4 wet inside the packet but the rest where fine and the packet hadn’t been wet or in contact with any type of fluid. Really disappointed.

  55. Lesley burnett says:

    I have just purchased yet another pack of 20 with only 19 in!!! Spoke to customer service who informed me that this has been the case for the last two years to keep the cost of the cigarettes down, they cannot publicly advertise this as its not allowed, how the hell are we supposed to know then, when I ask for 20 at the point of sale, I expect to get 20.

  56. Sharon Garraway says:

    I bought a packet of mayfair and there was only 17 in the packet.I have the bar code and numbers if you require them

  57. Ciara says:

    I bought a pack of 20 Mayfair superking and 7 of them had holes in them I couldn’t smoke them it’s disgraceful

  58. Sabrina says:

    I brought a pack of 20 Mayfair super kings the other day and I was shocked that there was 20 in there but I was shocked by the packet changes and the fact they now taste horrible

  59. Meah says:

    I bought these because the shop didn’t have my normal brand, after one cigerrette I wanted my money back, it’s like smoking air, it was also disgusting and a ripoff, I don’t know why people actually like these cigerrettes, I’m ashamed to even have it in my house

  60. Gemma says:

    I bought 10 Mayfair and two of them were torn/ ripped not worth money at all

  61. Julian says:

    Still the same nicotine in the new Mayfair white with plain package?

  62. Julia vaughan says:

    Why on earth is there a picture of a child’s coffin on Mayfair sky blue Cigarettes? Absolute disgrace. Imagine a grieving parent buying a packet of these. Should not be allowed.

  63. john says:

    the packs have changed packaging ad we no . i smoke skyblue and they seem stronger with no holes in filter.i will be getting this looked at

  64. Taylor says:

    Have the new 20 Mayfair in the brown packs changed the contents in the cigarettes because the certainly don’t taste the same and there as rough as toast on the throat am not angry am just disappointed

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