Hermes UK offers the following phone number for customer service, contact Hermes International..

Contact Hermes customer Care..

If you want to contact us.

Hermes UK tracking number..

Please note that if you have a question about your delivery or returns collection that can’t be answered using the ‘Track my Parcel’ on the Homepage, please contact your retailer directly.

Hermes customer phone number

Hermes UK Contact Number:

0843 507 7992

MyHermes UK Complaints Number:

0843 515 8172

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56 Comments to “HERMES”

  1. Kirsty Warner says:

    I had a parcel HERMES delivery today and because I was not home they left it at gate and its been stole call me please

  2. david harrison says:

    I checked the status of a parcel I am expecting yesterday and it said order generated and today is states no order found? what has happened

  3. Al K says:

    Hermes tracking delivered to a ‘secure location’ (apparently to a side shed at my address). I don’t have a side shed, nor does my neighbour.
    No further forward after 24 hours.

  4. sue baker says:

    Can’t contact courier as no details left but parcel now been sent back but to who as I am expecting lots

    • umme says:

      Missed my Hermes parcel..and apparently left with neighbours, iv asked them and they have no clue…also handwriting on reciept is very bad

  5. Marc cole says:

    Tracking number said item was left in a secure place- which is where? I’ve had no card through my door and I’ve got no item. No contact from courier after service department made contact with her. Not happy as this is an item for our unborn baby.

  6. Hassan says:

    3 days and the parcel was not collected so had to take to post office and send it by parcel force. And now this one does not cancel the parcel. Will get the refund through PayPal now.

  7. Sarah says:

    Such as shame that sellers still use Hermes. Their reputation doesn’t appear to be great. I’ve had several poor experiences with them. It’s telling that they don’t make it easy to contact Hermes. Not only do they not deliver, but they don’t even help you try to track down Hermes your parcel yourself. I will be very hesitant in purchasing future online orders if the seller uses Hermes as the courier.
    The tracker only said my parcel was with them on Friday, but apparently they tried to deliver 3 times prior to that. It’s a business address staffed between 8am and 8pm. Really!!

  8. anne bowden says:

    my order has been 17 days in the process of being delivered still no sign of it although I have been informed every day that it is ‘ out for delivery’ No one seems able to tell me the location of my parcel which by the way I have actually paid 100 pounds for the product inside said parcel!!! Could someone please at least bother to let me know where it is?????

  9. kimberley Mckiernan says:

    Hermes delivered a parcel today while I was out, left a card to say its over the side door but it wasn’t could you please email me to discuss what happens next.

  10. W Proctor says:

    We Tracked our delivery status on Hermes site it said 14.35 19th Nov Large ITEM.
    We were at home but no one called. Will we get our parcel No (not shown) or have we to report it stolen to the police.

  11. Pcris says:

    Because haven’t received my order until now have checked the tracking with Hermes and the status is delivered ??? I didn’t received the order and says as well “with signature received from the customer” I DIDN’T RECEIVED ANYTHING. Is the 2nd time in two months that something like this happen with my orders with deliver by Hermes.

  12. I can’t access my Hermes account. When I try username and password I get a message saying that it in correct; but both are correct. Please help.

  13. Conleth McCambridge says:

    I have been waiting for a while now and every night the status updates saying courier to re-attempt the next day but they havnt even attemped once to deliver my parcel.

  14. Stewie says:

    I had a parcel sent to me on Friday, it’s now Thursday. I’m self employed, and I have a customer waiting, because of this very poor, and shoddy customer care. I can’t even get through on the phone. This is the worst delivery company on the planet. Avoid at all costs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Bonnita Greagsbey says:

    I cannot believe this, what do you think ? ,

    Hermes courier delivery this Am and well what can I say :-

    DVD player thrown over a 6 ft plus garden fence as not in at the time.
    Landed on a concrete patio and left there in the rain.
    Discussed is an understatement as this was a Christmas present for my
    Dad. Unless to say returning package and will never use Hermes again,
    I strongly suggest you make sure you will be in or avoid at all costs………

  16. Fedup says:

    Track and trace said courier has tried to collect at 19.35. No card left, nobody knocked on door. We are in 24/7, everyone can see we are in. This happens all the time mostly because they cant be bothered to walk to our front door.

  17. Iain Nicol says:

    Hermes courier delivered a very important personal package today. It was thrown over a low fence and left in the rain.
    The box was soaked through and the contents damaged.
    Response from Hermes – sorry for the inconvenience .
    Over 45 minutes on the live chat and all I got was complain to your sender.
    Hermes are appealing in every way

  18. Sharon says:

    Checked my Hermes order tracking status and parcel has been delivered to an outbuilding! Not at my address as I don’t have one and I haven’t been out the house for the last 2 days. I am furious regarding this and will take it further until this matter is resolved!

  19. ursula lane says:

    why can’t they answer the phone!!, one parcel left in recycling bin, the other states on tracking that no-one was in. yes we were!!

  20. Gmarshalle says:

    The second day I had a parcel throw over my gate. On day 1 my biscuit broken and day 2 throw over the gate upto a puddle x how do I contact Hermes

  21. Peter Rushbrook says:

    Had a parcel delivered to me on Monday but was for a house over a mile away and not even in my road. Driver did not knock on my door even though I was in, had to deliver it myself Tuesday

  22. andrew says:

    had a parcel delivered today he didnt even knock on my door came down my path placed parcel in bin pushed card through door saying sorry i missed you how can you miss someone when you dont even knock at door

  23. Becky says:

    Had a parcel delivered to neighbour, apparantly, but no card left so no idea which one! Do I knock on all doors in the street, crazy and I only know as I checked the tracking status!

  24. D Tavoulari says:

    A delivery was ‘failed’ despite the fact that I was in the house, less than 2 metres from the front door during the time that the ‘attempt’ was made. Nobody knocked on the door or checked in any way if anyone was in. What a cursory service. To make things worse, no contact details are printed on the ‘failed delivery’ slip and it is encumbent on the consumer to seek this information. Horrendous

  25. vikki says:

    Hi you have tried to deliver a parcel twice to me leaving a card with nothing on it….what now can I ‘re arrange delivery?

  26. Phil says:

    Hi still waiting for delivery of my parcel i ordered before christmas telephoned them finealy after difficaulty in finding number ! called them on two occasions all full of excusses they are crap ! Sellers dont use them

  27. i had a ticket put through my door stating parcel left in cat flap in shed…sorry no contact no on ticket no nothing, been waiting response still got nothing…??????

  28. Sue says:

    Apparently I had a parcel delivered and signed for it last Saturday. We’ll I was in and did not receive my parcel. The week before I had an item worth £150 left in my front garden. Absolutely disgusting service. Sort out your couriers

  29. Joe Platt says:

    I sent 3 parcels from the same drop off point going to 3 different parts of the UK and all 3 of them were smashed. not just damaged I mean smashed. I also paid extra to have my items signed for and 2 of the 3 were left with neighbours and no one signed for them. I am not happy as I am now out of pocket the postage which herpes charged and the items that were sent as I have had to refund my customers their initial purchase price. What about the compensation? How do I claim? I have sent lots of items using your service and I can’t find a way of speaking to a person about this. My number is maybe you could contact me???????

  30. maxine newmarch says:

    I had a note through the door saying they left my parcel with the neighbour, when we checked the cctv footage he never even went to my neighbours door, he walked straight out of the garden with it. They cannot deal with me as I am the recipient. So not only does the courier tell lies but he’s walked off with my property. Can’t understand how they can stay in business

  31. Martin Dudley says:

    Website tracking shows my ebay purchase as delivered and signed for. The goods were never received and when I challenged for a signature proving delivery, they sent a photocopy of a signature that isn’t mine!
    Furthermore, their website tracking says the goods were left in the letterbox, so how did they get a signature? Most likely the driver filled it in once they found out I complained the delivery failed. I’ve raised the case with ebay, and notified Trading Standards, plus talked to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau – you have rights! Distance selling regulations and the Sale of Goods Act are there to protect from atrocious and potentially fraudulent businesses like myHermes.

  32. Gillian Murray says:

    I have had various dealings with this company and all of them have been disgraceful, to say the least. I received 3 emails on different days that my parcel would be delivered that day, but nothing. No card through the door, nothing. The parcel was the returned to sender. I am now awaiting a different parcel, which I received a txt today to say they would deliver today. Yet again no card through the door, no contact details, but yet I was in all day. Will never ever use Hermes again, they are the worst courier company I have ever dealt with.
    Also, there customer service team need to be educated on the meaning of ‘customer service’ extremely rude and unhelpful. Avoid this company at all costs!!!!

  33. Amanda Hammond says:

    The Hermes service is appalling and they certainly don’t deserve to be in business. I sold a rug on ebay and looked for a courier service. As Hermes deliver and collect for Next, I figured them to be reliable. How wrong could I be? I paid £8.68 and the parcel was collected by my regular Next courier who informed that because he didn’t work Tuesday- Thursday, that the parcel would sit at his home until Friday when he was working and could pass it on.
    He also said that I would be better to ring as they would ignore him if he called! Hardly fills you with confidence. And so began the first of several phonecalls to Hermes – please also bear in mind that the number is very hard to find and they keep you hanging on for ages. Each person I spoke to apologised and said they would still deliver within 3-5 working days (which includes Saturdays) and that they would escalate an investigation with both the courier’s field manager and management to call me back. It’s now Monday and although the parcel moved on Friday (surprise surprise when the courier was working), it still hasn’t been delivered which by my reckoning is 6 working days. Am now waiting to hear back following another call to hear the investigation hasn’t been progressed by anyone!!! They have picked the wrong person to upset, I have loads of time on my hands and will follow this up. In the meantime my advice is DON”T USE HERMES, they’re a load of crooks!

  34. Brenda Kenward says:

    I received a delivery collection order today in my letterbox but it was blank. Am I expecting a parcel -no, but maybe someone else is, but by everyone elses comments -I dont think they’ll get it!

  35. Ros morris says:

    Been trying to contact Hermes but to no avail.They say you can phone them but do not supply a phone no. I have paid for a delivery but have not received a label to post it with & judging by these awfull reviews I probably never will. This is shocking,will definately not use them again & will avoid any retailer that does

  36. Martina says:

    Very unhappy with Hermes because every time I order something it doesn’t come and it gives it to someone else who doesn’t give it to me

  37. Calista says:

    Shocking terrible service. Untraceable. So disappointed. Anybody know the claim process?

  38. denise buchanan says:

    the parcel i sent on order no has arrived and 50% of this was broken we double wrapped and used bubble wrap and shrink wrapped each box how does royal mail deliver in one piece but your company cannot i would be pleased to hear your comments

  39. Helen says:

    I’ve stayed in 2 days waiting for my parcel & haven’t received it… But when I check my parcel Status online… Says attempted, which is a lie because my doorbell works perfectly fine

  40. charlotte says:

    Never again will I order with this company, there the worst!

  41. Jean says:

    On track your delivery it says attempted to deliver at 8.20 this morning but no one had been. We have been up since 7 am and no one has rang the bell. No card through door so either he/she has gone to the wrong address or they are lying. It also says will attempt to deliver tomorrow. There are too many complaints for this company and if I was Dunelm I would take my business elsewhere.

  42. Jean Pope says:

    Myhermes are a fraud. I sold an eBay item and it was never delivered I was told to wait 14 working days for my problem to be resolved, I explained I needed my Compensation for the loss so that I could pay back my customer although It wouldn’t cover me for postage costs so I am already at a loss. It’s the second parcel of mine stolen by myhermes drivers the last was a purchase which cost me a fortune to replace anyway to cut a long story short. The customer service is appalling I believe the drivers to be fraudulent and I’m still waiting for my Compensation 3 weeks later.

  43. Mandeep says:

    Terrible.. Status says order delivered to letterbox but nothing been delivered. Fraud

  44. Sean Gauld says:

    I’ve ordered some thing from eBay. Being delivered through Hermes. I emailed the seller, seller replied stating it’s been delivered and signed for so you must have received the package. Would I be contacting you if I had received it.
    Yes, I live in a block of flats but if you can’t gain entry then take it back and leave a card saying you’ve been.
    Still in the process of finding out where useless Hermes have delivered my parcel.
    Waste of space. I’d never use them for sending any thing.

  45. Tom harrovks says:

    Saying parcel left in safe place on web.. no card plus it is a block of flats so there is no safe place & it needed signing for.. this is the first parcel sent for our business not a great start won’t be using again.. trying to get hold of them only web chat or email available.. a real joke if you ask me

  46. yemi says:

    Hermes Courier had my parcels delivered on Saturday ,claimed i signed for it but I wasn’t at home . A ghost probably signed for it because I haven’t received it.

  47. Debra says:

    Absolute disgrace avoid use someone who cares

  48. Recipient says:

    thieving driver thought my item was something else as it was being delivered to a shop that sells expensive goods, and signed for it and did NOT deliver!

    the driver wasn’t aware that the item was fitted with a satellite data tag!


  49. Kayley says:

    This company is bullshit my product is a next day delivery they have my item and the phone number is a joke you can’t even talk to no one they waste up your phone bill like its a joke they need to fix up there service acting like there couriers can’t read leave with next door what is that about and putting sloppy notes in letter box saying last attempt on Monday I swear there meant to do 3 attempts what a joke company telling me to ring the retailer when there closed……

  50. faycel says:

    u do really bad service how come u droping my parcel in bin

  51. faycel says:

    I didn’t find my package at all because your agent drop it in bin

  52. Kelly says:

    I had my parcel ‘put through the letterbox’ got home from work excepting a parcel in which nothing was there.. Hermes this is a joke.

  53. Andrew Bugler says:

    Why don’t you answer the phone! ! ! I presume the service is chargeable everytime you cut us off you fuckers!

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