Google Support Phone Number 0016502530000
Google Adwords Support 08001690409

Google UK has the following Google UK Phone number available for Google support.
Any question you may have about Google Adwords or Google Adsense, you can contact Google at the following Google Support Phone number.

Google is the main and most important Search Engine and offers a Google Support and Google Customer Service UK for clients and users at Google Haedquaters at:

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

You can contact Google UK and reach the Google Support Service at any moment.

Google Phone Number

+1 650 – 253 – 0000

For Google Adwords Support in UK, you can contact the following Google UK Phone Number:

0800 – 169 – 0409

Any questions you may have about Search Engine, SEO, any other Google Project, you can visit contact Google directly or contact Google Customer Service through the Google Homepage in United Kingdom.

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49 Comments to “GOOGLE”

  1. Jack says:

    Unfortunately the first number is a series of options.

    The second number is for Adwords only.

    If like me you’re heard because the the main Google London number (020-7031-3000) is permanently engaged – well you have my sympathy. I would like to say what I think about large tax dodging corporations deliberately preventing access to their HQ, but I don’t want to get arrested.

    • Stevie T says:

      I called that Google Phone number several times. The first time, it gave me two options on the auto service…you press option 2 as it prompts you to do and it cuts you off. You don’t push anything, it just refers you to online help only.

  2. filiz says:

    hi dear. I have a pizza shop but my business phone number is wrong at google search. please can you help me to change my phone number at google search. if you go to my website you can see the phone number

  3. B Price says:

    Why on the 6th of June is Google not celebrating the D day landings on its search page instead we have some information about a Japanese Go player come on Google get it right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. keith waugh says:

    Today Google noted that it was my birthday and adjusted my Google Homepage accordingly. Now this may seem a bit “stick in the mud” and petty but this is a gross invasion of privacy on Google’s behalf. and a misuse of confidential information which customers have to provide to Google in order to have an account. I don’t want to be friends with Google and I resent their use of any private data they have about me. I don’t like their e-mail monitoring and ad targeting techniques either.

    • Caz says:

      Hi Kieth, The same thing happened to me on my birthday.
      I quite agree it is a gross invasion of privacy.
      This is the very reason I won’t use Facebook, My Space or Twitter.
      I would have thought Google would have had better morals, but, obviously not.

  5. Andy Williamson says:

    What the hell is going on with google, i cant sign into my google account or sync my phone with anything, and best of all have NO Google customer services to sort this matter out, a very sorry state of affairs for a massive tax dodging firm! SORT IT OUT!!

  6. I never brought google music hub online. Which you took the payment
    on my debit card. I would like to request refund back as soon as possible please thank – you.

  7. david conway says:

    Google Customer support
    I am overseas in Menorca and have lost access to my gmail account.
    It was active this morning when I enterds my password and then this evening it would not allow me to enter.
    It is very important – URGENT that I regain access to this account asap.
    I can be contacted by phone
    Please act on this immediately. I have tried your customer service – no joy there.


    David Conway

  8. Gazmatron666 says:

    Come on Google! Why can´t i access my email account from a different EU country? This is a big problem. I cannot access my gmail to print my ticket to fly home to the uk. Are you satisfied now? Please contact google with info of how to solve this. I´ve tried all the automated recovery but it is not sufficient.

  9. Paul says:

    Google drive has hijacked many business emails, docs and PDF files, and then created a barrier that disables me greeting access, printing and being able to keep up with my busy work load. Combined with windows 8 the experience has been similar to buying a book, opening it, and then reading that you have to buy every word and fit it in yourself. Then to top it all they do not tell you where to buy the words. Outraged and thoroughly cheesed of. Time for a change I think (;

  10. Maria Rocca says:

    I deleted a google mailbox in my email and lost all my emails – in inbox and sent etc.
    How do I get these back?


  11. Ron says:


  12. Something odd is happening to my gmail account emails via google: old emails (eg July 16) are repeated as new; new emails (eg Aug 12) appear on the ‘all mail’ page but not in the inbox. Please explain and help. Michael Barry

  13. sweetv says:

    I find that someone in America has been using my e-mail address and I don’t know how to sort this out. Some e-mails contains confidential info but I do not know who this person is using the same e-mail address. How can Google give same e-mail address to two different people? Any help will be appreciated. I do not have the person’s details except e-mails from her solicitor/education dept.

  14. Terry Kehoe says:

    I need your help, please contact me. I have an invader in my google account and you don’t have any means of deleting it. when I try to sign in the invader jumps in.
    I have tried to contact Google about this matter. Your contact methods are not user friendly.

    Terry Kehoe

  15. Chris says:

    Can someone tell me how to change my phone number in order to access password recovery. My account went haywire during my month in Thailand, during which time I’ve had no gmail, or any other functions on my I-phone. I was unable to access my flight tickets home, I’ve lost a job interview, and my CV is in cyber space.

  16. brian says:

    lost my email address and password can’t change password because I can’t access my email who do I contact.

    please help

  17. David says:

    When I right click on a web page using google the page just freezes.

  18. Londoncakebox says:

    I have a business email with Google and since setting up a month ago I can’t receive any emails, all you get is an error message. This has lost me so much business and I have been trying to contact google ever since.

  19. How on earth does this happen? I type in my manchester shoe shine and i was on page 4. seriously how is this. the number one spot has a lapsed website.

  20. terry rose says:

    why am i not able to open Google map anymore ???

  21. Sass says:

    The Lollipop update on my Nexus has rendered my tablet useless. I have tried all the ‘fixes’ available on the net but nothing works. I am practically housebound and I use my tablet for EVERYTHING, reading, knitting patterns, shopping, staying in touch with family and friends etc etc. I am appalled at the lack of customer service and concern. Thank You so much for cutting me off from the world.

  22. Pete holland says:

    I’ve tried to access my account several times via the SMS activation code after my account was disabled for unusual activity. The code never works and I always says “internal error” and asks me to start the process again. Please help!!

  23. Sasha Lubetkin says:

    Where can I get help? I’m in the UK, and that American number doesn’t work for me. The automated help doesn’t deal with my question, and I need to speak to a human. Is there a number or an email address that anyone knows of? I can’t get my mail as things stand.

  24. John Yates says:

    Why is it so difficult to contact Google with questions like my last one? The phone number is ok. and I cannot find an email address. Finally does anyone at Google to read these comments?

  25. K West says:

    What has happen with the latest update for Google Nexus. Not stable. Also, who decided to change the design of the keyboard, very very amateurish, was it a child, not a good image. IPad is beckoning.

  26. Mick bazan says:

    Google invest in more operator to answer your phones !!!!

  27. ronald davidson says:

    how can I get rid of vosteran?

  28. helly says:

    why is it so difficult to contact google….why moved from pillar to post, why no replies to email…why no Google telephone number? easy to hide behind a computer….disgraceful Google customer service

    my nexus 7 2012 tablet rendered useless since lollipop upgrade…have made several dead end phone calls today to expensive tel no..i am unemployed, cut off and cannot use my tablet ….useless, useless, useless

    how do i fix/ who do i talk to??????

  29. Lynne Rowan says:

    Same e-mail address as someone in Canada/USA!! Not possible? I have been having this problem for over 6 years in the UK!!! Initially e-mails from his family and weekly spam!!! All from USA Ridiculous…. Not a lot of privacy using GOOGLE.
    Who will sort this out please?

  30. wendy hasell says:

    Why won’t my play books app work properly. The pages are all out of sync, can someone tell me how to put it right please. I have bought books I cannot read.

  31. BeeJay says:

    I am trying to delete my old email address ie blueyonder etc…. which shows when I use Google Earth & use my new email address hotmail etc but I can’t, as I keep getting “the hotmail address is already in use” YES IT’S ME, why can’t I simply switch the primary address? I’ve moved house & I don’t use blueyonder etc etc etc. so trying to amend so my account would be up to date, but there are too many barriers. I need to talk with someone from Google. But I can’t see that happening?

  32. Muhammad Ali Sibtain says:

    Dear Sir

    I have email from Google that you have won such amount further i will send you through email regarding attachment i received.


    Muhammad Ali Sibtain

  33. A.B. says:

    Google UK. Why o why did you mess about with uk mobile phone internet search engine? It worked fine. Put it back as it was.

  34. Mary says:

    Some time ago a younger member of the family put up some photos of my business and a short text description.

    I realised afterwards that the text was not there and the photos could only be accessed by keying in the name of the business. This meant my services did not come up for people in other parts of the country to whom it is directed.

    I have only recently being dragged into the 21st century as regards computers, and no siblings currently available, so I would be most grateful to receive help on how to rectify the situation.

  35. Lambert says:

    Just bought Samsung tablet. Google Earth will not load. Samsung say Google know about the problem and will put out update 9. WHEN???

  36. Alan says:

    How do you get rid of or fix the error code: RPC:S:7:AEC-0?

  37. debra says:

    Keep having a look at 7 day weather via Google
    Wish it was correct having weather in walsall uk
    At 50 degree s all week .
    Please Google can you correct it

  38. Freddie says:

    Our gmail down for 3 days now. Nothing. Can’t contact anyone at Google. Maze of crap to prevent you getting to them and sorting out a problem.

  39. jamie atkins says:

    hi please ok remove a image of me on google . i can get it off because of a ex girlfriend can you help me . it was put on 9 years ago .

  40. Michelle says:

    Hi Google. I just received an email from Google United Kingdom saying that i’ve been picked one of 12 lucky winner. I want to ask, is it true? I would appreciate it if Google can reply to me ASAP.

  41. Jeffrey says:

    Hi Google. I also received email just like Michelle that I won from Google UK. I guess its not true..??

  42. Mike R says:

    How on earth do you contact Google to report a probable Chrome Browser compatibility problem with Windows 10. Can receive and open emails but, following upgrade to latest OS, the “compose” and “reply arrow” functions no longer work

  43. Liz Jones says:

    Good luck to Google, Mountain View Calif. How are you coping with all the bush fires out there?

  44. L.zh says:

    Google is very good

  45. Dorothy says:

    I have received an email supposedly from Google telling me my email address was selected as the winner in a large prize and I have 29 days to contact them with all my details so they can send me a cheque.
    Please can you please let me know if this is a scam, of course it is I just need to be told for sure. as soon as possible PLEASE. Regards Dorothy

  46. Wayne says:

    My contact phone number and address is incorrect in Google search .
    Very disappointed with not being able to find out how to change it .

    Google contact numbers not clear who to call.

  47. Daniel says:

    I sent them a email on the 5-1-17 to tell them i have for got my password to my gmail account & i changed my phone number but they did not get back to me at all & the call them selfs customer service what a fking waste of space

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