Garmin UK offers the following support phone number, contact Garmin International..

Contact Garmin UK technical support phone number..

Garmin customer phone number

Garmin UK contact number:

0808 238 0000

Garmin (Europe) Ltd
Liberty House
Hounsdown Business Park
SO40 9LR
United Kingdom

Garmin support UK phone number:
By Phone

Garmin Freephone from UK landline: 0808 238 0000
Garmin Within UK: 0870 850 1242
Garmin Outside UK: +44 870 850 1242

Support Hours
Mon–Fri: 8:30–17:30
Western European Time (GMT/UTC)

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3 Comments to “GARMIN”

  1. John King says:

    I wish to buy a Garmin Zumo 340 but do not want it to be delivered to my address by UPS which is you carrier. I have had extremely bad experiences with UPS before and do not wish to have any further dealings with them.

    I opted to approach your retail outlets where I could buy this model, John Lewis, Halfords, Tesco, Maplins etc etc.

    None of these companies had the Zumo 340 in stock, nor did they have any indication on their websites that there was such a model. I know the 340 is a relatively new model but the lack of alternative places to buy one, apart from your website is to me, extremely bad marketing.

    I await your comments.

    John King

  2. Graeme Somerville says:

    The strap has broken on my Garmin Approach S1 watch through nothing more than general wear.
    The watch is now useless without a strap that functions.
    This indicates very poor design, it should have a strap that will not break through general wear or one that can be replaced.

    What do I do now???

  3. Trevor Singleton says:

    Hi I have a garmin approach S2 watch which I’ve had for almost two years it’s never really been any good, it’s never really worked properly I Havant played a lot of golf over the past eighteen months as I’ve been suffering with a very bad shoulder injury.
    Ive never been happy with the watch which I think was a waste of money the battery is very poor and it keeps changing holes as your playing which is very frustrating I think you should inform customers of its faults i.e. Very weak battery not very reliable.
    Thanks for your time reading my complaint

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