Facebook UK Phone Number

Facebook UK offers this Facebook Phone Number, to get in contact with Facebook Headquaters in US.
You can Contact Facebook for any question you may have, at the facebook contact number listed below.
The Facebook UK Customer Service will help you with any inquiry you may have for example with your Facebook Account or Facebook Page. Also if you have any problems with Facebook Ads, you can contact Facebook Support at the following Facebook UK Support Phone Number.

Facebook UK Phone Number

001 – 650 – 543 – 4800

Facebook Support is available at the Facebook UK Phone Number, at all times, to help you with any issue or question you may have.
You also can Contact Facebook UK through email and with the Facebook UK Contact Us Form on the Facebook Customer Service homepage.

Facebook United Kingdom or Facebook Great Britain attends complaints by mail, there is no Facebook Customer Service Phone Number in UK, to answer questions immediatly.
Facebook offers a Customer Service and a Facebook Support from US.

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75 Comments to “FACEBOOK”

  1. Nagina says:

    I am very disappointed with facebook as I have an invasion in my privacy. A fake account is on Facebook where I have been humiliated. All my friends and family have reported it too. Facebook has took no notice. I am very upset and have been so upset why Facebook could never help me. I need the account closing down. As soon as possible that is my self respect.

  2. simoneeee says:

    I’m trying to contact Facebook for couple of days and still don’t get no replying back !! I have a problem with my account no password is working to login in and I can’t reset it coz I don’t have the same phone number and my account is set up to send me a txt ..so I’m desperate to get my password and delete Facebook account .. plsss email me as soon as possible .. .many thx

  3. I have tried logging in to my Facebook account to no avail. I have tried resetting my password several times and it is not being recognised. I needed phone support to sort this out but after spending 7 minutes listening to options I have come to the conclusion that Facebook help centre does not care.
    Why is this???????

  4. Someone called omwana wo omukambi is using my photo malicious and using insults. Kindly and urgent remove photo from Facebook.

  5. Yas says:

    My friends account has been hacked and needs closing down
    It has been causing a lot of problems for us both, and facebook
    Are doing nothing to help

  6. Morin says:

    I am really disappointed with them. Someone made a fake id on my name after that he sterner uploading all stupid things on it. My friends reported that account several times but they never aired they didn’t take any action. I did contact them by helpcenter but nothing worked finally still tags guy is using the fake id.
    Shame on Facebook that u can’t monitor the reported accounts even

  7. Qaz Hussain says:

    Hi I am trying to purchase texas holdem poker chips of my phone i have topped up but its lot letting me purchase them on facebook?

  8. Anne Christall says:

    I do not want PetFlow to invade my Facebook, it’s for me and my family. I have tried many times to de-friend (not that they were ever invited, they just took over MY Facey)
    but always over-loaded. GET THEM OFF MY FACEBOOK…

  9. jan armitage says:

    Have been trying to get back into my facebook account for 3 days with no luck put nos. In sent to me but still no luck help please

  10. mo says:

    i go to log in, wont except password tried reset wont let me. Facebook, what is going on????

    • kenny says:

      Hi Mo
      Just read your comments on the facebook help page my wife is having the same trouble have you had any luck with this since?
      Regards kenny

  11. ali says:

    i got accidently blocked Facebook form page due to too many log in attempts and now it wont let me back in again and i cant get on to my Facebook page.

  12. ali says:

    i cant access facebook page to get help logging back in and due to too many attempts im now locked out.

  13. Facebook has suspended my account and asked me to identify photos. How I am supposed to identify a lizard as a friend and blank pages is beyond me. No phone support no help. I want to advertise with Facebook and spend the money yet how can I when they won’t help me.

  14. Lol's says:

    I really need to contact Facebook and no one is getting back
    To me I am very disappointed as this is a massive company yet the customer service is shocking. Please can someone contact me thanks

  15. ray haughton says:

    i cant login to my account, can you fixit please asap?

  16. hi i can’t login on my facebook is saying deactivated my facebook i am pro mma fighter someone hacked my facebook last week i was use login to login out

  17. idalia says:

    I have been contacting facebook trough different sides etc. but facebook do not respond. I would like one of my account to be closed down as I have another one. Please help me.

  18. I have forgotten Facebook password and now it’s blocked me from trying to set a new one! HELP!

  19. ian Lilley says:

    I am having problems with accessing to progress further there is a question mark appeared on this game, Facebook Game PepperPanic only blocking my way to next level can you assist me please as i love this game.

  20. charlene says:

    I have been reporting a picture on Facebook too many time and Facebook still haven’t took it down its a picture of my 2 children in which someone has pictures on their Facebook of my kids and Facebook is not doing anything about it!! I want all them pictures of my children taken off the facebook

  21. I have forgotten my password and no longer have access to my number which is on facebook, can you please help me as I am very stressed thank you

  22. Heidi purcell says:

    Hi wondered if Facebook could please help me I have had a new phone and since trying to log on Facebook again on this device with the same password email address etc it’s not working I can’t get my account up it set me up a new acct I’ve lost all my friends photos etc and it a mither, please help me what can I do.

    Heidi purcell

  23. Abida says:

    Someone has hacked into my account and I can no longer access it. Can you please help me.

  24. Murray says:

    Like so many others I have been unable to access my Facebook business account. It had been locked and screen instructions state ‘contact help team’. When I click on that, it gives opportunity to send a message. Despite several messages, no reply. This is very poor Facebook service. Can someone help!!

  25. Stella says:

    My account has been hacked into..so since Sunday I’ve been trying to reset my password and contact Facebook .but still waiting on them to reset it or even get back to me as need to make a new password

  26. jo says:

    it is saying my facebook is unavailable can anyone tell me why please

  27. Lindsey says:

    i have had my personal account deactivated saying I’m using it for business, I’m not.
    It’s saying I must change it to a page but as its a personal account I don’t want a page.
    How do I get my personal account back?
    Please help

  28. Norman Pelling_ says:

    I receive on a regular basis notifications from facebook whenever my
    friends and contacts have birthdays and I always respond with a
    greeting but am not so sure that my birthday details have been forwarded
    to them as I have only received responses when I have posted details

  29. Monika says:

    I have reported a comment that was really nasty, just written in Polish. Today I have received an email from Facebook that the comment won’t be removed as for them them there is no signs of racism in it. I guess they havnt even try to TRANSLATE THIS. Facebook customer service!!!!!

  30. My email was hacked on Monday and they have closed my FB page, trying to get it back please help me

  31. Beverly bicknell says:

    I received a message two days ago asking me to enter my email address. My tablet has bow locked my account although facebook us still working on my kindle

  32. Lindsey says:

    I can’t get on my Facebook since November saying I must update to a page as I was using my personal account for business! I defiantly was NOT! I’m so annoyed as iv sent loads of email no one gets back to you and no one helps I use my Facebook to keep in touch daily with family all over.
    Could some one please please help me get it back

  33. andrew balla says:

    I need my facebook deleted not just deactived

  34. sean says:

    I wish to use the “Profile to Page Migration” but my profile no longer exists and no longer is accessible please help!

  35. Curtis says:

    I would like to know if the last online thing is accurate because i was online 30 mins ago and now i have my gf messaging having a go at me because im online when i clearly wasnt

  36. Shanez says:

    I have an iphone and the Facebook app, and for a long time it’s been logging me out for no reason saying ‘your session has expired‘ I thought nothing of it seeing as that when I went to type my password in it logged in as usual until this morning. I went to go on Facebook and I realised that it logged me out again so I just went on and typed my password in, this time I didn’t work, so I kept trying it yet still no success in getting back in. So tried restarting my password and then it said I was blocked from do it! Then I had friend asking me if I’ve blocked them so obviously now my account has deactivated itself, please Facebook tell me what to do…

  37. Hi, I’m the owner of elite style hair & beauty salon. One of my ex employees set this page up who has now left and deleted me of the page I’ve had to set up a new one of my own but would like the other page to be deleted. The salon pages I have are on my Facebook if u need any evidence tenancy agreement, bills or company registrar number please email me I’m happy to provide thanks x

  38. Vicki says:

    I have been deleted from a group for reporting photos, I have not reported photos how can I prove this wasn’t me?

  39. I am not happy with facebook i forgot my pass word i was trying to remember my pass word to many times to log in !and face book have block me! not once did face book Email me to reset my pass word !no help at all!

  40. eileen carter says:

    I cannot access facebook because I have forgotten my password and when I ask to renew it, they send a number to verify who you are. Their emails are not getting through. I cannot find any contacts for them.

  41. kelly says:

    How do I find out where a status has come from

  42. thomas says:

    i tried to log in the other day and it says my account has been disabled for what reason i dont know and cant get any response from facebook

  43. Sean says:

    Iam really unhappy with Facebook for the last 6 days my news feed is not showing nothing I have reported the problem and still nothing or no one has help !!!

  44. joseph somerville says:

    my company page will not let me log in as I have changed location. I have contacted customer support many times over the last year but nothing has been done. Its important that I update the information. Come on Facebook, sort it out.

  45. evey2222 says:

    Has anyone received a private message from a woman called “” from Facebook representative writing you have won $350,000 from Facebook lottery ?? Scam or what ???

  46. arif moha says:

    cant confirm my account as my number has changed, what can i do?

  47. Sarah SHAW says:

    I cant log in to my facebook i need help

  48. Lindsay Murray says:

    Awaiting technical support please email with contact number

  49. Patto says:

    I sent the documents u asked to provide who i was last month, why is my account still suspended. Starting to think facebook steal data!!!

  50. Robert says:

    Facebook need to get rid of the virus and sort my account out

  51. Hitesh says:

    How can I advertise on facebook as a sponsored link. Await your reply.

  52. Bk says:

    Hi somebody made my fake id .How can i delete it?

  53. yvonne says:

    I cannot get onto facebook. Have been told i’m using my personal account for business which I am not. Phoned facebook, no one answering. what do I do?

  54. Amanda Wood says:

    Dear sir or madam

    Someone went into facebook account and block me stop me from talking to my best mate Emma Gandle she as a photo with her boyfriend I want to unblocked my mate I didn’t know someone as block from somebody

  55. Jamie says:

    I need Facebook uk number as I have locked myself out and have no recovery information

  56. Disgusted user of fb says:

    When any organisation sets up they make sure that they have some sort of customer service which you are able to contact straight in the country you reside in. However face book do not show any kind of loyalty to there millions of users by not allowing users to contact them with serious issue it is a farse and because of this it has had a serious impact on my life

  57. Ronnie says:

    I have been hacked and cannot retrieve my profile, it’s been 3 weeks. can’t contact anyone directly seems are never getting that back. 🙁

  58. Ridiculous says:

    Even tried to call USA from uk , not able to speak to anyone, I’ve been banned for supposed illicit images! I’m a disabled woman. In late 50’s!! ..72 hours ban for suspicious or illicit activity!! No reason. For communication site not the best are they!

    • barb says:

      hi, did you get this solved? I’m in a similar position, and in uk, I discovered the phone numbers don’t work. I need to contact fb but can’t use my account to do it.

  59. chris says:

    Facebook are a joke I got blocked for posting items in selling groups and you blocked me for 14 days saying the reason was abusive how on earth is selling beauty products abusive or is it if your Acc don’t fit you get blocked this is happening every month what a absolute disgrace tried emailing but to no reply of answers no wonder I’m using diff social media now anyone else have this problem with the jokers ???

  60. Ericcau Britannicus says:

    Ive had my facebook account for over ten years and suddenly out of the blue they want proof of id I dont mind giving this but there is no way im putting my name on facebook its trawled by too many people mostly for marketing purposes. Havent been able to log in for two days. Find Im not missing facebook at all might not bother going back even if my account re appears

  61. Rk says:

    Some one keeps opening fb accounts under my name so far got 8 fb accounts closed please fb still one open can’t get this one closed 😢help me

  62. nikkita says:

    I’m having trouble getting into my account I think I may have been hacked and I did chance my password and it let me log back in then it logged me out know it will not let me in why won’t it let me in and I can’t access my number I have on there as I don’t have that number anymore please help this is very stressful I have alot of family who live away on there the only way I stay in touch with them

  63. Jeremy Ecans says:

    I been locked out of my account for 24 hours it says I need to be verified. I sent a copy of my driving licence and stir no reply.
    Can you help?
    Thanks in advance.

  64. lisaalexander says:

    Everytime I try to log in its saying unexpected error please contact me regarding this???

  65. lisaalexander says:

    It’s so unprofessional for such a big site not getting bk to its customers wheres all our answers x

  66. Dominic Finch says:

    i want to delete 2 past accounts 8 years ago for health reasons i received brain damage i cant remember past passwords i do remember past emails i need help to delete past accounts

  67. Pamela says:

    Have even tried to reply to the email send.is this what Facebook is doing to his customers logging people off..that’s not fair at all’how long does it take to get to your customers.what a disappointed really.no replies no nothing

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