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Our Privacy Policy describes how we store or use the information that we collect through the different services or pages on this website. It is important that every visitor to this website understands what data is collected and how they are used, since each visitor agrees to the use of this website our Privacy Policy.

Access to images this website may include the use of cookies. Cookies are small data packets that are saved in the browser of the visitor of a website, so that the server some information that may be useful at a later date may call again. This information can allow any visitor as an individual concrete visitors are identified and each visitor his various personal benefits can be assigned, such as technical information or pages visited.

Those users of this website who wish not to receive cookies or want to be informed before they receive cookies can set this configuration in their browser.

Most data browser allow cookies management in the following three ways:

  1. cookies are never accepted by the browser
  2. the browser to prompt the user before accepting a cookie
  3. the browser accepts all cookies

    The browser can also specify the user to the possibility, which cookies are accepted and which are rejected. Also, the user can view the cookies and delete independently.

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    Web beacons

    This site can also accommodate Web beacons (also known as Web bugs). Web beacons are usually visible or not visible very small images (1px 1px times), which are located in the source code of the website.

    The Web Beacons meet a similar Fuktion to the cookies. Web beacons are used, among other things, to count the number of visitors and measure traffic to a website, and to provide a sample of the users of the site.

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    In some cases we share information about visitors to this website on an anonymous or complementary way with third parties (as it were to avoid importing advertisers, sponsors or authors), with the sole aim to improve our services.

    All this data processing work will be regulated and conducted in accordance with legal guidelines. It will comply with all privacy rights under the current rules.

    This site uses various means to measure the traffic and may lead to the use of cookies or web beacons in order to analyze what is happening on our site itself …


    The domain is a separate and independent website and holds no connection to the companies mentioned on this page.

    The information we share on this page with the readers of the particular band is merely informative.


    We are not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts and photographs. Information on prices and terms are subject to change. A liability in any form is not acceptable. Furthermore, we are not responsible for the content of external internet sites. Furthermore, we dissociate ourselves from all contents of linked pages or graphics.

    We point out that our publications represent no binding and enforceable price, but only reflect the information provided by the provider. The respective binding force prices please see the websites of the providers themselves, we do not assume any liability for the disclosure in our 0800 numbers directory. We only create this site, to inform everybody about the customer support numbers and service numbers that often are not easy to find. We assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the data provided on the pages of the respective vendors.